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As with most things in life there are poignant moments that defines our sense of self. For me it was when I heard my mother had pancreatic cancer. Driven by a desire to do something, I decided to register for the 2009 Ride to Conquer Cancer. I raised about $3500 that first year. All went according to plan. My Mom had her surgery which well enough that she was able to make it to the finish line to see me cross just 6 months out of hospital. It felt good to do something and it felt good to have my whole family with me, including my Mom and Dad, when I crossed the finish line in Niagara. The good was not to last. Two weeks later both my parents were killed in an automobile accident while driving to one of my mother's chemotherapy appointments.

Picture of Lance at Centurion Horseshoe


Embodied within my varied emotions was anger. I felt empty. Cycling provided a positive outlet to help me deal with this very real and raw emotion. In the beginning I had only planned to do the Ride to Conquer Cancer once, but now it was to take a central role in my life. I registered again for the 2010 ride and hit a family member up for a donation. They did me one better, they registered for the ride as well. A team was born. It didn't stop there. One by one my brothers and sisters and their significant others joined me as well. Those who weren't riding, acted in a support role. Each of us had a role that would eventually grow this team from a rider of one to what the team is today. It was here where my love for the sport of cycling was born.

Lance at the RTCC

At the height of the team we had 35 riders with a support crew of 8. We had team kit, road signage for the routes, support drivers, a website, even an event vehicle, washroom and all. We also had photographers taking shots and shooting video which was turned into small productions. It was my team and life was good. I was having fun which in turn helped ease my anger. The team became a toy. It encouraged me to learn about website design, graphics, motion graphics, jersey design and a host of other things I felt I needed and wanted to learn. I figured if I could create a team big on bling it would make people want to join. More members meant more donations and at the end of the the day this team existed for one purpose and one purpose only; to raise as much money as possible for cancer. Throughout the course of running the team, we designed training routes that were spread throughout Southern Ontario. We spread the routes out because our team roster was spread out. All of these routes were posted on the team website that was designed and administered by myself.

Picture of Lance on the Icefeild Parkway


I relinquished the role of captain for the 2013 ride to pursue other goals. The team eventually died after completing the 2015 season. Subsequently my new team was born on 2014 and survives to this day. When I left my first team the team website left with me. All those routes, all that information that was created over three years of leading this great team was no longer available. So this is where socycling.ca comes in. I decided to create a new site to showcase how much variety there is cycling in Southern Ontario. New routes are constantly being added. I have also traveled to some of the prettiest locations in Canada and while on location have cycled some of the most iconic routes Canada has to offer. These routes will eventually be included on this site as well.

This site is designed to share my love of cycling. It is for those of you who want to get out and ride, but perhaps don't know where to go. It is for those of you who might have loads of experience, but might like to ride somewhere else. It is a site that will grow in time. This site is designed to share my passion for cycling with all of you. And while you out there exploring this wonderful province please remember to always wear a helmet, respect the rules of the road, foster a good relationship with other users of the road and above all else, have fun.


Picture of Lance at Centurion Horseshoe

Centurion Horseshoe Valley

Lance at the RTCC

The Ride to Conquer Cancer

Picture of Lance on the Icefeild Parkway

The Icefield Parkway

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