Acton 53 km
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Town/CityDistanceElevationCategorized Climbs
ViewHalton Hills41 km204 mN/A
ViewHalton Hills65 km412 m1 - Cat. 5
ViewMilton72 km797 m1 - Cat. 4, 1 - Cat. 5
ViewMilton95 km875 m1 - Cat. 4, 2 - Cat. 5
ViewMilton101 km1149 m3 - Cat. 4
ViewActon53 km404 mN/A
ViewCarlisle58 km397 mN/A
ViewCarlisle74 km616 m1 - Cat. 5
ViewCarlisle115 km1094 m2 - Cat. 5, 1 - Cat.4
ViewGeorgetown55 km490 m1 - Cat. 4
ViewGeorgetown67 km520 m1 - Cat. 4
ViewGeorgetown76 km676 mN/A
ViewGeorgetown83 km673 m1 - Cat. 4
ViewGeorgetown93 km817 mN/A
ViewGeorgetown111 km1060 m1 - Cat. 4
ViewCampbellville44 km305 mN/A
ViewCampbellville47 km410 mN/A


Map of Campbellville


StartLengthStart | End ElevationAvg. GradeMountain Name


General Route Information:

  • Start Location: Acton Arena
  • Distance: 53 km
  • Elevation Gain: 404 m
  • Washrooms: When arena is open
  • Food on Route: Moffat

Emergency Services:


One of the most prominent features on this route happens to come at the beginning and at the end. In fact, it's the same feature. As you leave Acton Arena and head south through a quiet neighbourhood lined with homes you come to Churchill Rd. where you will turn left. A couple of hundred metres later you will start to descend into a valley. Use caution here. You can gather quite a bit of speed before hitting a blind corner. If the road was clear of traffic you could take the corner at full speed, but don't trust the road will be free of traffic. If you are not careful you could find yourself as someone's hood ornament. Another reason to take it easy descending is you need to take a sharp right hand turn at the bottom. My gut tells me most people will blow the turn, as I did the first time and have to turn back. Don't say I didn't tell you!!!

As expected, whatever goes down in cycling probably has to go back up. The situation is no different here. It's a good sized climb, but, surprisingly, MMR does not give it a rating, which I think is a mistake. Either way, it's a pretty good climb so early in the route. There is a false summit after the railway tracks, where it flattens out ever so slightly, but you still to climb a little bit higher to just past the right hand leaning curve. With the ascent now complete you can rest easy knowing the biggest climb of the day is done...until you have to reverse this section to get back to the cars at the end.

After you top out you will cycle along the very quiet and flat 3rd Line until you hit 22nd Side Rd. where you will turn right. Those of you who have cycled any of the Georgetown routes will most likely recognize this road, with the exception that you are now heading in the opposite direction. From here you will make a right hand turn onto 4th Line. For the next 11 km's the roads are very quiet traveling over shallow, rolling terrain. In addition, like most of the route, the road is sheltered on both sides by forest making for an excellent wind block. There are not many farms on this route so you won't experience harsh and slamming winds that whip up out in the open.

Soon you will find yourself in Moffat at the corner of 1st Line and 15th Side Rd. If you need food or water this is only place on the route to stock up. You'll continue heading south on 1st Line and then left onto 10th Side Rd. The terrain and surrounding countryside is very similar to what you cycled through thus far. The route veers left at 4th Line and then right at 15th Side Rd. Once again, many of you who have done some of these routes before will recognize this road with the notable exception you'll be cycling in the opposite direction. You'll be heading eastward which is, by far, the easier option. I'm sure you'll be grateful for that. A few turns later and you'll turn right onto 17th Side Rd. and then left onto Dublin Line where you'll head straight north to meet back up with the starting portions of the route.

It won't be long before you will need to negotiate the valley you did at the beginning. If it's early season and the leaves are not yet out, you can clearly see across the valley to the other side where you can see the road heading upwards to the left. By all standards it's not a massive climb, but it will elevate your heart rate nonetheless. Once you top out you are only a few kilometres from the finish. This is a great route that is sheltered well by the trees and has quiet and rolling roads for the entire course.

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