Ancaster 61 km
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Town/CityDistanceElevationCategorized Climbs
ViewAncaster61 km428 mN/A
ViewAncaster113 km807 m4 - Cat. 5
ViewMillgrove102 km856 m1 - Cat. 5
ViewMillgrove104 km768 m2 - Cat. 5
ViewMillgrove131 km1024 m2 - Cat. 5




StartLengthStart | End ElevationAvg. GradeMountain Name


General Route Information:

  • Start Location: Robert E. Wade
  •     Ancaster Community Park
  • Distance: 61 km
  • Elevation Gain: 428 m
  • Washrooms: Inside the Centre
  • Food on Route: None

Emergency Services:


First order of business, turn right out of the driveway onto Jerseyville Rd. It's not exactly a country road, but the traffic is meager and slow making it safe for riding. About 1 km later you'll come to Shaver Rd. where you'll turn left and drop straight south. You're still in the community of Ancaster as you head along Shaver Rd., but as you pass Garner Rd. the density of homes and businesses start to give way to local agriculture. The country truly starts to show itself as you pass Book Rd. At this point you'll be surrounded by working farms including the odd hint of manure indicating the presence of fertilized fields and hefty livestock. As you head south on Shaver Rd. there are a few quick "left turn, right turns" where the road is offset. Be careful not to go the wrong way. When you get to Sawmill Rd. turn right. About 1 km past the sweeping bend look for Butter Rd. and turn left. Stop and gaze at wide and vast view across the undulating farm landscape. It will remind you of a simpler time. Everything is quite and slow now on the working fields of Ancaster.

Less than a km after making the turn onto Butter Rd. you'll come, once again, to Sawmill Rd. where you'll veer to the right. Things will get slightly confusing for the next couple of km's so please be sure to follow your cue sheet. Sawmill Rd. turns into Lost Mile Rd. after a slight bend to the left. Just after the bend, maybe 500 m, look for Thompson Rd. and make the right hand turn. Thompson Rd. is one of the quietest roads on the route which eventually hooks to the right and soon joins up with Book Rd. I find the more difficult the route is to follow the more picturesque it happens to be. The previous 10 km proves that theory correct. Soon you'll find yourself on Alberton Rd. heading north. This is one of those necessary link roads; it's quiet but it lacks a certain amount of beauty. Not to worry, you won't be on it for long. Just 4 km's up the road puts you back on Jerseyville Rd. for the back half of the route.

A few easy turns later will find you cycling on Field Rd. where fragile country roads are yours to enjoy. Once you get to Powerline Rd. you'll turn left. The roads here are quiet and primarily traffic free. Soon you'll get to Weir Rd. where you'll turn right. There's a bit of a weird route anomaly when you hit Governors Rd. Turn left, cycle over the railway tracks and then take a sharp right that sweeps it's way back down onto Weir Rd. After that little turn of events you'll find yourself turning right onto Concession Rd 2. and if the wind is at your back you'll have a fast and furious shot back east towards your car. This road is perfect for pace-line work as it's flattish, punctuated by the odd small roller, and goes perfectly straight for just over 10 km's. Once you get to Inksetter Rd. you'll turn right for a quick downhill joy ride on beautiful country road towards a short turn on Old Governors Rd. After the bend you'll get to Governors Rd. where you'll turn left and then just up the road a quick right will put you firmly onto Old Hwy 99. It is here where the real fun begins.

Before long you'll turn right onto Binkley Rd. for a downhill run into the valley below. Binkley will end at Mineral Springs Rd. where you'll turn left. The road will wind itself through the valley where trees converge overhead providing shade on hot days. You might even see deer on the road as the area you are now cycling is, for the most part, protected conservation land. It's one of the nicest roads to cycle in all of Southern Ontario. As you are entering from the north the road turns upward and can be a long climb with fairly easy gradients. The only thing I can say is stay on Mineral Springs until it turns into Sulphur Springs at around the 57.5 km mark. When Sulphur Springs takes a left turn, stay straight and head south on Lovers Lane...yep...that's right Lovers Lane. Within minutes you'll be back on Jerseyville Rd. where you'll turn right and cycle 1.5 km's back to the community centre.

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