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Town/CityDistanceElevationCategorized Climbs
ViewBalls Falls85 km597 m1 - Cat.3
ViewBalls Falls100 km643 m1 - Cat.5   |   1 - Cat.3
ViewStoney Creek50 km269 m1 - Cat.4
ViewStoney Creek108 km646 m1 - Cat.5  |   1 - Cat.4
ViewStoney Creek140 km847 m2 - Cat.5   |   1 - Cat.4


Map of Balls Falls


StartLengthStart | End ElevationAvg. GradeMountain Name
cat12.3 km2.7 km 157 m | 242 m85 m3,2%Effingham
cat65.7 km11.9 km 82 m | 200 m118 m1.0%Niagara Escarpment


General Route Information:

  • Start Location: Balls Falls Conservation Area
  • Distance: 100 km
  • Elevation Gain: 643 m
  • Washrooms: Check site for hours of operation
  • Supplies: In the town of Vineland on Victoria Ave.
  • Food on Route: towns of Pelham and Jordan

Emergency Services:


This route is much the same as Balls Falls 85 km with a few exceptions. The first exception is a category 5 climb just south of Effingham. The 85 km route navigates around this obstacle for good reason. This is a tough hill for a Category 5 climb. It tops out at 16% and is an "out of the saddle" climb for a good portion of the way. This is not a climb for the faint of heart. Feel free to walk this hill if you must. There's no shame about it. Most climbs of this rating are not that steep. The top of the hill has a kind of false summit as the hill rounds out at the top and cannot be seen from the bottom.

This route will meet back with the shorter route when you turn onto Canboro Rd. This small addition does not add on much distance to the overall route. This route is 15 km longer than it's little brother. The extra distance will start after you get to the top of the next category 5 climb. Instead of turning left onto Fly Rd. you will turn right and complete a kind of box which will meet back with the other route at Camden and Fly Rd.

Some of the highlights of this ride are the small towns and villages you will find along the way. One of my favourites is the town of Jordan. Here you will find top notch food and accommodations as well as quaint shops selling local artisan goods. This is one of the villages where you will need to take care not to miss the turns. While riding they tend to be quick and are easy to miss. Another of the highlights of this route are the small dips into the escarpment. You will have a good downhill run, navigate some great curving roads and then ascend back out the other side. This particular feature is unique to this area.

After your ride you can enjoy the wonderful surroundings of the Balls Falls Conservation Area. You have already paid your fee to park your car so you may as well bring along a post ride picnic and enjoy the natural surroundings of the park. The visitor centre is a wonderful piece of architecture and offers very clean washroom facilities. You can also wander through the visitor centre itself as it has displays and other exhibits for you to enjoy.

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