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Town/CityDistanceElevationCategorized Climbs
ViewBrooklin58 km692 mN/A
ViewDurham89 km890 mN/A
ViewDurham161 km1843 m2 - Cat. 5


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General Route Information:

  • Start Location: Brooklin | Public Parking
  • Distance: 58 km
  • Elevation Gain: 692 m
  • Washrooms: Across the street at the library
  • Food on Route: Prince Albert

Emergency Services:


The route begins in the quaint village of Brooklin located in the town of Whitby. You can park your car at the municipal parking lot, as indicated by the start icon, where parking is free on weekends and holidays and after 6:00 pm on weekdays. Outside of these time zones the town charges $1.00 per hour with 3 hour maximum. I chose this particular parking lot because it is right across the street from the public library/gym where washrooms are available. As you start your journey out of town the first three kilometers will have you cycle past well maintained suburban homes on route to Columbus Rd. where you'll turn right. You now have one foot in the country and one foot in the town. There is a solid line of homes on your right and open farmers fields on your left. There is definitely a sharp dividing line between country and urban landscapes. At 4.8 km's you'll turn left onto Thornton Rd. where you'll leave suburbia behind and enjoy the tranquil setting of the country landscape. Of course, with country roads comes the hills.

The real climbing begins as soon as you turn left onto Thornton Rd. and then continues when you turn right onto Howden Rd. The combination of these two roads will treat you to a roller coast ride through the wide open spaces of north Oshawa. If the wind is from the west, which it quite often is, you'll have lots of fun with a tailwind rolling up and down the these wonderful undulating roads. If the wind is straight out of the east it's going to be cage fight. As you come to Townline Rd. you'll turn left and continue climbing. Respite from all your efforts is coming soon as you start to head in a downward trajectory as soon as you turn left onto Raglan Rd. This road can be a bit busier than what you have experienced so far, but where there is traffic there is a bike lane for your safety. You'll soon turn right and head north on Thornton Rd. where you'll, once again, be climbing.

You will soon turn left onto Hwy. 2. This road can be quite busy, but there is a wide shoulder to keep you safe from traffic. You'll be on this road for less than 1 km where you'll make a quick left turn onto Old Simcoe Rd. Be sure not to miss this turn. Look for the gas station on the left side of the road. That's where you will want to turn. You are now back to the safety of small country roads as you head north towards the towns of Prince Albert and Port Perry. Once you get to King Rd. at km 32, in Prince Albert, you can get water and snacks at the corner store. Old Simcoe Rd. jogs a little bit left onto to King St. and then heads north again after about 100 ft. DO NOT MISS THIS TURN. Soon you'll find yourself in the town of Port Perry. You'll be on the busy main roads of the town for about 1 km, but the in town speeds are low so you will not find yourself intimidated by heavy and fast traffic. Once you turn left onto Hwy. 7 keep a close eye out for Scugog Line 6 which lies about 300 m up the road. It's just after you turn left at the stop light. There is nothing special about Scugog Line 6 for the first few km's, but once you pass over Hwy. 12 the roads gets rough and landscape puts you back into the country.

At the 40.5 km mark you'll turn left onto Marsh Hill Rd. There are a few little tests to keep you working as you head south on the combination of Marsh Hill and Ashburn Rd. Once you get to Highpoint Rd. you have reached the highest point on the route. You are firmly in farm country with big skies and agriculture surrounding you on all sides. From here you'll mostly coast back downhill towards the Village of Brooklin. There will still be some hills to negotiate, but most of the climbing is now done. Before you know it you'll be back at your car.

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