Cabot Trail | Cheticamp - Baddeck
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Town/CityDistanceElevationCategorized Climbs
ViewIngonish105 km1805 m2-Cat.2 | 1-Cat.3 | 2-Cat.4 | 1-Cat.5
ViewCheticamp90 km764 m1 - Cat. 4
ViewBaddeck103 km1096 m1 - Cat. 3


Map of The Cabot Trail


Categorised Climbs: Counter Clockwise (my direction)

Start Length Start | End Elevation Avg. Mountain Name
68.7 km 4.1 km 21 m | 149 m 128 m 3.1 % Hunters Mountain

Categorised Climbs: Clockwise (alternate direction)

Start Length Start | End Elevation Avg. Mountain Name
12.1 km 4.0 km 8 m | 149 m 141 m 3.5 % Hunters Mountain


General Route Information:

  • Start Location: Cheticamp
  • Distance: 90 km
  • Elevation Gain: 835 m
  • Washrooms: Cheticamp
  • Food on Route: Cheticamp

Emergency Services:

  • Victoria County Memorial Hospital
  •     Baddeck (902-295-2112)
  • Sacred Heart Community Health Centre
  •     Cheticamp (902-224-1500)

  • GW Taxi - Baddeck (902-295-0085)
  • Mark's Taxi - Cheticamp (902-224-5454)

  • Parks Canada Emergency Dispatch
  •     1-877-852-3100


The route from Cheticamp to Baddeck is by far the easiest of the three stages that I have divided the Cabot Trail into. Not only is it the shortest, but it also has the least amount of climbing. That being said, this is a great route to do on your very last day. Just because there are no mountains to climb does not mean there is no scenery. The very first time I drove through the Margaree Valley I was quite excited to get on my bike and experience the landscape up close and personal. The Margaree River and sloping valley walls make this a "must do" day for every cyclist looking for unique and varied landscapes.

I started my day in Cheticamp and headed south along the shoreline. As I excitedly cycled along with a tailwind, my wife bid me farewell and headed towards Baddeck where I would meet her in just under 3 hours. The road heading south out of Cheticamp is quite open and green. Small clapboard houses could be seen both on the side of the road and further back tucked up against the valley wall. Farming, fishing and tourism keep this part of Cape Breton in good steed. The scenery was just as you'd expect. Blue ocean on one side, jellybean coloured houses and lobster traps dotting the landscape both on the shore and beyond.

Approximately 37 km of glorious cycling will bring you to Margaree Forks. This is where the Margaree River meets the Ocean and this is where you will start to head inland towards the Margaree Valley. As you enter the valley the landscape is open across the valley floor and you are greeted with green pastures, sloping hillsides stuffed tight with coniferous trees and somewhere at the very bottom is the Margaree River. You can see the river at times, but most of the time it is obscured from view. There's something pastoral about the the entrance of the Margaree Valley from the west. Fly fishing is abundant here and they come here in droves to try their luck and pull out the bounty the river provides.

Further on in the valley, the roads twists and turns, always either up or down. There is hardly ever a flat piece of road on the Cabot Trail. Even if you think you are on a flat section, chances are good it's a false flat and you're either wondering why you're labouring and going so slow, or you're feeling great because your speed is faster then usual. Towards the end of the valley is the only categorised climb of the day, Hunters Mountain. It's a small climb only rated as a category 4. Compared to the big mountains to the north this one will be a piece of cake. Once the top is reached you are only about 15 km outside of Baddeck, your finishing point for the day.

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