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Town/CityDistanceElevationCategorized Climbs
ViewCaledon52 km703 m2 - Cat. 5
ViewCaledon80 km896 m2 - Cat. 5


Map of Caledon


StartLengthStart | End ElevationAvg.Mountain Name
30.5 km 2.2 km 287 m - 340 m 53 m 2.4% Hunsden Sideroad
43.5 km 4.1 km 276 m - 347 m 71 m 1.7% Patterson Side Rd.


Sector #StartLengthStart | End ElevationAvg.Road Name
1 21.9 km 3.6 km 274 m - 304 m 30 m 0.8% 19th Sideroad
2 29.7 km 1.4 km 289 m - 289 m 0 m 0% Mt. Pleasant Rd.


General Route Information:

  • Start Location: Caledon East Arena
  • Distance: 52 km
  • Elevation Gain: 703 m
  • Washrooms: Inside Arena
  • Food on Route: None

Emergency Services:


This route traverses what I call the foothills of Caledon Mountain. The mountain itself lies just west of the furthest westerly point of this route, but what it lacks in big, full on climbs, it more than makes up for in rolling terrain. The route shoots out of the gate by turning right onto Old School Rd. where a straight run east is perfect for pace-line formation. Keep your wits about you as you keep an eye out for Humber Station Rd. It creeps up on you fast. You'll need to take a hard right turn on a downhill section. We've had a crash on this corner before, my fault, of course. Tapped the brakes to turn right at high speed and my wheel man went crashing to the tarmac. Sorry Gord. Amateur mistake. The route now goes south towards Castlederg Sideroad where fast tarmac and rolling hills are the highlight of the day. It's quite a long run on this road, about 10 km, so if you're looking to practice a bit of formation this is the road to do it.

Soon the fun will turn to climbing as you turn left onto Concession Rd. 11. This road is more rolling in nature than the profile makes it out to be. In about 4 km's you'll turn left onto 19th Sideroad where you'll start your 1ST DIRT SECTOR of the day. The road slowly rises over 3.6 km, but the gradients are easy so I don't see anyone having issues here. After the dirt sector is done you'll turn left onto Halls Lake Side Rd. which is paved. DO NOT go straight here. After the big turn on 19th Sideroad, there is only one, be sure to turn left. Approximately 300 m up the road you'll come to a stop sign, be sure to turn left to stay on Halls Lake Side Rd. Once you reach Mt. Wolfe Rd. you'll turn right. It's almost all downhill until you reach your next right hand turn at Hunsden Sideroad.

Hunsden Sideroad is your 2ND DIRT SECTOR of the day which is mainly flat and 1.4 km long. Next you'll turn left at Mt. Pleasant Rd. Half way up the road you'll have to negotiate the toughest climb of the day. Look for the little chicane in the road, that's where you'll really start to exert your climbing legs. Once you see a corner veering to the right your climb is all but done. From here it's a straight shoot down to Old Church Rd. where you'll turn right. Soon you'll be heading north again on Mt. Hope Rd. which is actually quite flat, where you will eventually turn left onto Pine Ave. Once you reach Hwy. 50, you will cross it and and up on Church St. The map may look a bit confusing at this point, but it does not matter which way you go because all roads leads to Patterson Side Rd., which is where we are heading.

Now we are on the well known Patterson Side Rd. that is full of challenging tarmac, climbs and fast downhill corners. Watch the corners here as the are blind and rutted a good recipe for disaster if you let it. I love this road. The climbs are short and steep, and is usually wind free as the road is protected on both sides by forest. You can give it all you can here as the end is near. A good stiff climb will eventually lead you to Innis Lake Rd. where you will turn left. The climb ahead looks worse than it actually is. The downhill before the climb will all but carry up the other side. Once at the top a thrilling descent follows towards Old School Rd. where you'll turn right and within minutes be back at your car.

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