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Zone 1 Map Many routes cross into this area that span all the way from Lake Ontario to the south and all the way up to Hwy. 89 in the north. Its eastern boundary is Hwy. 400 and the west is bordered by Hwy. 10. Many of the routes from Hockley Valley and Terra Cotta cross into this zone. Here you will find Mono Cliffs Provincial Park, Hockley Valley Provincial Nature Reserve and Albion Hills Conservation Area. Most of the land north of Hwy. 407 is rolling farmland. The area south of this Highway starts to encroach upon the urban landscape around the Golden Horseshoe. If you venture into this area you will experience city style riding.

Their are two small villages in this zone that bare note. The first is Kleinburg where you will find a main street that is full of shops and restaurants that is worth a day trip even without your bike. The second is Schomberg. This village is much smaller than the first, but has a very nice "Mill Style" building where you will find unique retails goods and very nice tea house.

The starting point for routes found in this zone is The Caledon Community Centre. This zone offers a great opportunity to explore the roads east of Hockley Valley. Also found in this zone are the famous and very fertile lands of The Holland Marsh. Although, at present, there are no routes that go through the marsh, plans are underway to develop one.


Town/CityDistance (km)Elevation Gain (m)Categorized Climbs
ViewCaledon52 km703 m2 - Cat. 5
ViewCaledon80 km896 m2 - Cat. 5


Map of Caledon


StartLengthStart | End Elevation Total Elevation GainAvg. GradeMountain Name
Category 5 icon 32.0 km 2.8 km 243 m | 317 m 74 m 2.6% 10th Side Rd.
Category 5 icon 56.1 km 3.0 km 256 m | 314 m 58 m 2.0% Adjala Concession Rd. 2


General Route Information:

  • Start Location: Caledon East Community Centre
  • Distance: 80 km
  • Elevation Gain: 896 m
  • Washrooms: Click here for community centre hours
  • Supplies: Corner of Airport Rd. & Old Church Rd.
  • Food on Route: Hockley Valley (see note)
  • Rating: 8/10

  • NOTE: Food and water are available at the Hockley Store.
  • Download the above pdf for directions.

Emergency Services:


If I had to give this route a name I would call it "The Weavery". Why that particular name you ask? Well, it's because most of this route bobs and weaves its way around dirt roads. If you go off course, your options of getting back on course, without traversing dirt roads, would be problematic at best. But its because of the dirt road countryside that makes this a really great route to cycle. As you leave the parking lot behind in Caledon East you will be lulled into thinking that the route is fairly flat. It's not. The combination of Castlederg and Sideroad 17 have moderate uphill moments, but the show really begins when you turn left onto Concession Rd. 11. This quite country road is full of great rollers bordered by beautiful, open pasture land and farmers fields. In fact, most of this route cuts right through farm country.

Soon you will hit Hwy 9. Be careful here because this road is very busy and wide. The traffic streams are not so consistent where a safe gap cannot be had. Please wait for the right moment. Now that you are north of Hwy.9 the bigger hills lay in waiting for your arrival. The biggest one will come at the 32 km mark on Sideroad 10. It's rated as a category 5, but some how it just seem longer. You will see it in the distance after turning right from 3 Road Line. Sideroad 10 is a little busier than I would like, but the road surface is great and the scenery equally so. After turning left at the top of the hill a great expansive view is laid out before you. Open land with hills in the distance makes for a great shot. I'm sure the cameras on your phone will be busy here.

As always, whatever you climb you also get to descend. Your left turn onto 7 Road Line will give you this opportunity. It's a great run back down to the valley below. The reverse of this, of course, is now you have climb back out of the valley you just freewheeled into. A series of small backcountry roads will have you rolling through the open countryside for the next 18 km. Be careful not to miss any turns as there are quite a few. This is the weaving part. Many dirt roads criss cross this farming district. The good thing is they are mainly designed in a grid like pattern so finding your way is pretty easy, especially if you want to take your road bike onto the dirt. You will enter the Hockley Valley on a good decent just past 4 Road Line when cycling on County Rd. 1. A good quick descent into the valley will bring you to 2 Road Line, where, you got it, you have to climb back out.

The climb up 2 Road Line is a category 5. You have left pasture and farmland behind and have entered roads bordered by trees. You might be happy for the shade on a warm summers day. The route profile from here to the end can be described as uphill rollers, meaning the uphill sections are bigger than the downhill sections. Some really great rollers can be found on The Gore Rd. and Patterson Side Rd. The end is near when you turn left onto Innis Lake Rd. as you are now less than 4 km from the end. I think you'll find this route will offer lots of opportunity for your climbing legs. It lacks any really big climbs, but the rollers are fairly consistent which is quite obvious with almost 900 metres of climbing over a relatively small distance of 80 km.

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