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Town/CityDistanceElevationCategorized Climbs
ViewHalton Hills41 km204 mN/A
ViewHalton Hills65 km412 m1 - Cat. 5
ViewMilton72 km797 m1 - Cat. 4, 1 - Cat. 5
ViewMilton95 km875 m1 - Cat. 4, 2 - Cat. 5
ViewMilton101 km1149 m3 - Cat. 4
ViewActon53 km404 mN/A
ViewCarlisle58 km397 mN/A
ViewCarlisle74 km616 m1 - Cat. 5
ViewCarlisle115 km1094 m2 - Cat. 5, 1 - Cat.4
ViewGeorgetown55 km490 m1 - Cat. 4
ViewGeorgetown67 km520 m1 - Cat. 4
ViewGeorgetown76 km676 mN/A
ViewGeorgetown83 km673 m1 - Cat. 4
ViewGeorgetown93 km817 mN/A
ViewGeorgetown111 km1060 m1 - Cat. 4
ViewCampbellville44 km305 mN/A
ViewCampbellville47 km410 mN/A


Map of Carlisle


StartLengthStart | End ElevationAvg. GradeMountain Name
17.9 km 5.9 km 93 m | 242 m 149 m 2.5% Old Ancaster Rd.
31.1 km 3.0 km 164 m | 264 m 100 m 3.3% Wier Rd.
icon 53.8 km 4.0 km 185 m | 272 m 87 m 2.2% Side Rd. 1


General Route Information:

  • Start Location: Carlisle Community Centre
  • Distance: 115 km
  • Elevation Gain: 1094 m
  • Washrooms: Use the Tim Horton's just off Hwy. 6
  • Food on Route: Dundas, Ancaster, Kilbride, Waterdown

Emergency Services:


This route has it all. Challenging long climbs, wooded valley's, winding roads, small quaint villages and open farmland. The route starts out on busy Centre Rd., but it won't be long until a right hand turn takes you onto the quieter road of Concession 6. From here it's flat country riding until you hit the brow of the escarpment. Once you turn onto Sydenham Rd., you'll soon be free wheeling down it's steep slopes. The road is of good quality and the turns are long and sweeping. Speeds of up to 70 kmph should be expected. The bottom takes you into the small town of Dundas. Be sure not not to miss the quick right hand turn off King St. onto Ogilvie.

Your quick turn onto Ogilvie will lead you straight towards the category 4 climb of Old Ancaster and Old Dundas Rd. This is the country way up the mountain compared to the busier climb up Wilson Rd. The country way has varied terrain compared to its cousin Wilson Rd. It can be flatter in some sections, but much steeper in others. Overall the Old Ancaster/Dundas climb is considered a harder way up. Once you've gained the summit, you'll turn onto Wilson Rd. then make a very quick right hand turn onto Sulphur Springs Rd. You'll drop down into a wide valley with woods hugging the edge of the road only to ascend it on the other side. This is a great road for cycling. It's a quiet winding country road that traverses some stunning terrain.

The other side of the valley only takes you part way up and out the other side. The rest of the climb will be found on Weir Side Rd. This road is also unique with its beautifully wooded surroundings. Part way up the road, you'll come to the climb that will take you up and out onto the flat farmland ahead. Once you go under the railroad trestle, the climb steepens to over 15 % for about 300 meters. The entire climb is rated as a category 5. The left hand turn onto Regional Rd. 8 will give some respite as the next 28 km are pretty flat. A good reward for all the climbing you have just done.

At the 63 km mark, you'll find yourself in the small village of Kilbride. Once again you are on the edge of the escarpment. Cedar Springs Rd. partially descends the mountain until a left hand turn onto Britannia, where rollers await your arrival. This is up and down terrain on great country roads. At the 75.5 km mark, you'll turn right onto Sideroad 1, where an uphill ramp is visible ahead. That's a category 5 you will have to climb. Not to worry this one is pretty easy - not that long and not very steep. Once atop the hill and across Guelph Line, you'll be on flatter country roads all the way into Waterdown and the top of Waterdown Rd.

On previous routes, we have always climbed Waterdown Rd. (category 4), but this time we'll descend it. It's a great ride down. Watch out for some rough patches as it could cause some problems at high speed. The way back up will be Snake Rd. If you look at the route profile, it looks like a long steep climb, but it's really not that bad. In fact, Map My Ride doesn't even categorise this climb. Either way, it's a great way up the mountain where you'll cycle through steep wooded valley walls on a snake like road. Its very picturesque. At the top you'll be back in Waterdown and only 17 km from your car. The rest of the route is on flat farmland roads where you can contemplate what a truly great route you have just done.

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