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Zone 5 Map Some consider this zone to be the heart of cycling in Southern Ontario. The north is bordered by Hwy. 7, the south hugs the shores of Lake Ontario, the east follows Hwy. 6 and the west follows Hwy 10. I have chosen four locations as starting points. Hornby Park is the kick off area for the Halton Hills, Gellert Community Center is the start for routes out of Georgetown, Campbellville is the start for routes in that area and the Carlisle Community Center is the starting location for routes out of Carlisle. The routes in all four of these areas often criss cross each other and will sometimes use the same roads.

Some of the steepest climbs in Southern Ontario are found in the Halton Hills. The road up to Rattlesnake point reaches gradients of up to 25%. You won't find this hill on any of the routes....yet. The escarpment in this area is steep enough for rock climbing so it is reasonable to expect climbing on steep gradients. The roads here tend towards the "tar and chip" variety which is fine after a season of settling. Be cautious of cornering during the first season of resurfacing as there will be lots of loose gravel at the side of the road and on the corners.

One of my favourites rides is along 15th Sideroad out of Georgetown. Here you will find steep, out of the saddle climbs, but fairly short. This road is very rural and has enough twist and turns to add some extra excitement.


Town/CityDistance (km)Elevation Gain (m)Categorized Climbs
ViewHalton Hills41 km204 mN/A
ViewHalton Hills65 km412 m1 Cat. 5
ViewMilton72 km797 m1 Cat. 4, 1 - Cat. 5
ViewActon53 km404 mN/A/
ViewCarlisle58 km397 mN/A
ViewCarlisle74 km616 m1 - Cat. 5
ViewCarlisle115 km1094 m2 - Cat. 5, 1 - Cat.4
ViewGeorgetown55 km490 mN/A
ViewGeorgetown67 km520 mN/A
ViewGeorgetown76 km676 mN/A
ViewGeorgetown83 km673 mN/A
ViewGeorgetown93 km817 mN/A
ViewCampbellville44 km305 mN/A
ViewCampbellville47 km410 mN/A


Map of Carlisle


StartLengthStart | End Elevation Total Elevation GainAvg. GradeMountain Name
icon 53.8 km 4 km 185 m | 272 m 87 m 2.2% Side Rd. 1


General Route Information:

  • Start Location: Carlisle Community Centre
  • Distance: 74 km
  • Elevation Gain: 397 m
  • Washrooms: Use the Tim Horton's just off Hwy. 6
  • Food on Route: Moffat

Emergency Services:


This is a great route for the intermediate cyclist. It has some good climbs, one of which is fairly steep. The distance is average and the scenery is fantastic. You will start by turning right out of the parking lot onto Centre Rd. This road is not difficult, but it does offer some good uphill sections. The traffic here is not exactly country, but it's not too bad either, especially on weekend mornings. You will be on Centre Rd. for 13 km where it will eventually come to County Rd. 36 where you will turn right. County Rd. 36 starts off at what looks like a main road, but quickly comes to a dead end 4.5 km's later. Now you are in the country and will stay that way until you near the end of the route.

The route will be relatively flat, even downhill, for the next 10.2 km's. The route will start see some hills again as you turn left onto Sideroad 3. This is a very pretty, forest covered road. It reminds me of the narrow roads found in cottage country. Sideroad 3 will twist and turn for the next 2.2 km's, usually while going uphill, all the way to Twiss Rd. Here you will turn right. It's flat run in to Steeles Rd. that is 1.9 km ahead of you. You will go straight through Steeles Rd. and continue your trip south. You will quickly get to a very steep hill, especially if you take the inner line. It would be dangerous not to take the inner line as this is a blind corner. It comes at you quickly and gets steep very fast. The good news is, it's a short punch up the hill. It will be over before you know it.

The route flattens out again as you reach the outskirts of Carlisle. Although you are very near to the safety of your car, the route continues further to the south through wonderful farm country. You will eventually make your way onto Britannia Rd. where you will have some fun cycling the rollers, but mainly on a downward trajectory. At Walkers Line you will turn right where you will ride right up close and personal with the Escarpment. At Sideroad 1 you will turn right and start your way back up the escarpment with the routes only category 5 climb. By other standards this is a fairly easy categorized climb. Once you turn right onto Robson Rd. you are only 10.8 km from the finish line.

The trip up Centre Rd. can be busy and a bit uphill. There are places where you can cycle off to the side, but they are few and far between. The section of 7.2 km on Centre Rd. is one of those times where if you had an alternative you would take it. I've never had a problem on this section, but it is prudent to mention this section of road is not country riding.

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