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Town/CityDistanceElevationCategorized Climbs
ViewHalton Hills41 km204 mN/A
ViewHalton Hills65 km412 m1 - Cat. 5
ViewMilton72 km797 m1 - Cat. 4, 1 - Cat. 5
ViewMilton95 km875 m1 - Cat. 4, 2 - Cat. 5
ViewMilton101 km1149 m3 - Cat. 4
ViewActon53 km404 mN/A
ViewCarlisle58 km397 mN/A
ViewCarlisle74 km616 m1 - Cat. 5
ViewCarlisle115 km1094 m2 - Cat. 5, 1 - Cat.4
ViewGeorgetown55 km490 m1 - Cat. 4
ViewGeorgetown67 km520 m1 - Cat. 4
ViewGeorgetown76 km676 mN/A
ViewGeorgetown83 km673 m1 - Cat. 4
ViewGeorgetown93 km817 mN/A
ViewGeorgetown111 km1060 m1 - Cat. 4
ViewCampbellville44 km305 mN/A
ViewCampbellville47 km410 mN/A


Map of Georgetown


StartLengthStart | End ElevationAvg. GradeMountain Name
8.0 km 4.7 km 243 m - 335 m 92 m 1.8% 3rd Line


General Route Information:

  • Start Location: Gellert Community Centre
  • Distance: 55 km
  • Elevation Gain: 490 m
  • Washrooms: Check Community Centre's hours below
  • Food on Route: 15 S.R. & Guelph Line | 21.4 mark

Emergency Services:


Starting at the Gellert Community Centre is probably my favourite place to start a ride. The centre always seems to be open and the washrooms are impeccably clean. And it is, of course, surrounded by great roads for cycling. As is the drill for rides starting out of this location, you turn left out of the driveway and head a short way south to 10th Side Rd. where you turn right. The road is bit busy at this point, but once you cross over Trafalgar Rd. you find yourself on quieter roads. 10th Side Rd. maintains small rollers through farmland where on a windy day in the early spring the open farmers fields can serve up a decent cross or head wind from the west. You will continue on 10th Side Rd. until you get to 3rd Line just past the railway tracks. This will be your first test of the day.

3rd Line is easy to miss. It's such a small rural road you hardly even see it as you cross over the tracks. So look for it. Once on 3rd Line you get a feeling you're on a dirt road. It is that quiet. Although it may be quiet, it has a constant gradient all the way to 15th Side Rd. which is 3.5 km to the north. It will test your heart, but there are no out of the saddle portions to deal with. It's even possible you'll be sharing the road with tractors from the nearby farms. Once at 15th Side Rd. you will turn left and continue climbing. Try and get your breath after you make the turn. Up the road in about half a km you will come to testy little ramp that will throw some hurt into your legs. You will most likely be out of the saddle for a portion of this small, but steep, climb. At the top things will settle down for a bit and you can expect slightly easier rolling roads lined with trees to break the wind.

As you get close to Guelph Line you will be treated to a fast descent. Once you cross over Guelph Line the road flattens for a spell until you turn right onto 2nd Line. This road will offer up more opportunities to test your climbing legs, although nothing too hard to note, just rollers through wonderful countryside. In 3 km's you will turn right onto 20th Side Rd. You are now heading back east towards the community centre. 20th Side Rd. winds itself through the country offering some good downhill sections where, if you have a tailwind, which is common, you will feel strong as you will reach high speeds with little effort. What fun!!! This all comes crashing down after you pass 6th Line.

Up ahead you will see a good sized hill. That is where you are heading. It's longer than it seems and will top out with gradients in the double digits. This is the second hardest climb of the day. 20th Side Rd. ends at Nassagaweya Townline where you will turn right and climb a bit more. Watch out for ice early in the season on the right side of the road. The sun never seems to touch the ground here. Once at the top a thrilling descent follows. Watch your bike handling as the road can be a little rough. At the bottom you will turn left onto 17th Side Rd. and then a little ways up you turn left onto Dublin Line. This area is very quiet and seems remote. It's riding at its best.

When you get to 22nd Side Rd. you will turn right. You are still on small country roads lined with trees. You will eventually get to the big scar of the area, the Acton quarry pit. You might encounter some large trucks, but they are infrequent especially on weekends. Once past the quarry you will come to a hill that descends very quickly. Be careful here. The turns can be tight and the road can be rough. Don't try and take it full gas. The hill ends at 4th Line. In fact, you are still going downhill when you reach 4th Line. Keep on your brakes for the enrire descent. After you stop turn left onto 4th Line and then make a very quick right turn, maybe 100 metres, back onto 22nd Side Rd.

You are now entering Limehouse and the toughest climb of the day. Once you get into the small village turn right onto 5th Line. If you go over the railway bridge just past the small chapel you have missed your turn. Once on 5th Line your climb is just up the road. The climb is short, but it's steep. Make sure to stay to the right as the road is narrow and doglegs to the left. Cars coming down the hill won't be able to see you if you start to swerve towards the left-hand side of the road. Once you see the sign for Limehouse Park you have reached the top. From here it's south all the way to 15th Side Rd. where you turn left. The riding is easy but the road can be rough. There is one little climb as you approach Trafalgar Rd. Get as much speed on the downhill as you can as it's a straight bounce onto the uphill. Once you cross over Trafalgar Rd. you will start to descend again all the way to 8th Line where you will turn right. Up ahead you will deal with your last ramp of the day, but it's not too tough and you can relish in the thought that you are only a couple of km's away from finishing your days ride.

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