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Town/CityDistanceElevationCategorized Climbs
ViewHalton Hills41 km204 mN/A
ViewHalton Hills65 km412 m1 - Cat. 5
ViewMilton72 km797 m1 - Cat. 4, 1 - Cat. 5
ViewMilton95 km875 m1 - Cat. 4, 2 - Cat. 5
ViewMilton101 km1149 m3 - Cat. 4
ViewActon53 km404 mN/A
ViewCarlisle58 km397 mN/A
ViewCarlisle74 km616 m1 - Cat. 5
ViewCarlisle115 km1094 m2 - Cat. 5, 1 - Cat.4
ViewGeorgetown55 km490 m1 - Cat. 4
ViewGeorgetown67 km520 m1 - Cat. 4
ViewGeorgetown76 km676 mN/A
ViewGeorgetown83 km673 m1 - Cat. 4
ViewGeorgetown93 km817 mN/A
ViewGeorgetown111 km1060 m1 - Cat. 4
ViewCampbellville44 km305 mN/A
ViewCampbellville47 km410 mN/A


Map of Georgetown


StartLengthStart | End ElevationAvg. GradeMountain Name
8.0 km 4.7 km 243 m - 335 m 92 m 1.8% 3rd Line


General Route Information:

  • Start Location: Gellert Community Centre
  • Distance: 93 km
  • Elevation Gain: 673 m
  • Washrooms: Check Community Centre's hours below
  • Food on Route: 15th S.R& 1st Line - Moffat
  • Food on Route: Victoria St. & Arknell Rd.

Emergency Services:


Like all routes out of Georgetown we start our day at the very clean and modern Gellert Community Centre. The route starts by turning left out of the parking lot onto a fairly busy road. The right turn onto 10 Side Rd. is much the same, but as soon as you cross Trafalgar Rd. country riding comes upon you quickly. You'll roll across the lumpy landscape framed on each side by working farms in an westerly direction towards 3rd Line where you'll turn right and ease into your first test of the day. Your first thought is that you are about to hit a dirt road segment, but it is paved and very quiet. Almost from the get go you'll be climbing. The climb starts at the corner of 3rd Line and 15 Side Rd. and keeps going all the way up and around the corner on 15 Side Rd. The climb starts off easy enough, but half way up the road the gradients start to creep up towards the double digits. There are a few bends to be negotiated, but as you near the last bend the gradients ease up to a false flat which allows you to get your breath. As you hit 15 Side Rd. you'll turn left. Take it easy here as up the road you'll see a good sized hill that disappears around the corner. You'll get a chance to test your legs on that as well. It's a good one two punch early in the ride.

Now that you have safely made it to 15 Side Rd. you'll head west again for about 14 km's until you come to Concession Rd. 11 where you'll turn right. 15 Side Rd. is perfect road for cycling. It climbs a series of steps interspersed with good flat sections for recovery. The road is quiet and is mostly sheltered on each side by vegetation which hides the farms beyond. If there's a head wind, which there often is, you're about to get some good training value for your efforts. A short while after turning left onto Concession Rd. 11, you'll turn right onto Watson Rd., which is great rolling road heading north. Once you get to Regional Rd. 34 you'll turn right and then a very quick left gets you back onto Watson. Your view north will be blocked by a steep climb that disappears left around a corner. There is a small downhill section that precedes it that will carry you part way up the climb. Once around the corner the gradients ease up, but you'll still be climbing all the way until you reach the second bend to the right. It's not a rated climb, but the gradients will reach up to 13%. Your reward is an easy approach to the outskirts of Guelph where you'll be able to fill your water bottles. You'll find Victoria Rd. a bit busy, but not too far up the road a bike lane is provided for your safety. I chose this busy section because of its access to water.

You are now at the furthest point west on the route. Your journey back to the cars begins with a westward shot across Arknell Rd. Soon you'll find yourself traveling back in time as your enter the little village of Eden Mills. The village was founded in 1842 and has about 350 inhabitants. Take your time through this picturesque hamlet and enjoy the old stone buildings that sit tightly on the side of the road. Before you know it you'll hit Wilson Rd. where you'll turn left and back into the pasture and farmland that covers the countryside. The cycling is fairly enjoyable and easy as the roads are full of small rollers which gets interrupted on the odd occasion by a good climb. The next 15 km's outside of Eden Mills takes little effort to negotiate. You'll see more livestock and farms than you will cars.

Once you cross Hwy 25 you'll come to 3rd Line where you'll turn left. This is a unique part of the route as it descends into a small valley on a beautiful winding road. Your first thought is you have to climb the hill you see on the other side, but you don't. At the stop sign turn right onto Glen Lawson Rd. and then right onto 4th Line where you'll soon meet your final challenge of the day. As you turn left onto 22 Side Rd. you'll come to the village of Limehouse that is even smaller than Eden Mills. Be careful not to go off route here. Once you get to the little church, turn right onto 5th Line. DO NOT go over the railway bridge. Very soon after making your turn you'll come to stiff little climb bordered by a natural stone wall on the left where it's almost guaranteed you'll be forced out of the saddle. It's a short sharp climb and great way to finish off the day. Once you see the sign for Limehouse Conservation Area your climb is almost done. You now have an easy 10 k back to the car on mostly gentle downhill gradients.

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