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Zone 1 Map Zone 6 offers some of the most challenging routes this site has to offer due to both their length and elevation gain. This zone is bordered to the north by Hwy 89, to south by Hwy. 7, to the east by Hwy, 10 and to the west by Hwy. 6. Two of the most striking features of Zone 6 are Caledon Mountain and Hockley Valley. The terrain throughout this region is mostly rollers through forest and open pasture land. There are many conservation areas and small towns and villages to visit along the way.

There are two starting points in this zone. One is in the village of Terra Cotta and the other is in the Hamlet of Cheltenham. Terra Cotta is located in a small valley so a climb out will be required. It is not that difficult. Cheltenham starts on hill where a 10 minute climb will gain you summit. Some of the best riding is along Old Base Line and The Grange Side Rd.

The road quality in this area tends to be quite good. The best road up Caledon Mountain for surface quality is Heart Lake Rd. The prettiest road up Caledon Mountain has to be St. Andrews Rd. where you pass a golf course with a long, low stone wall that looks like it belongs somewhere in the Scottish country side. The long road through Hockley Valley is well surfaced, but it can be quite busy. There is a very wide shoulder so the traffic will not pose any issues.


Town/CityDistance (km)Elevation Gain (m)Categorized Climbs
ViewTerra Cotta49 km469 mN/A
ViewTerra Cotta64 km584 m1 - Cat. 4
ViewTerra Cotta91 km715 mN/A
ViewTerra Cotta94 km807 m2 - Cat. 4
ViewTerra Cotta150 km1688 m2 - Cat.4, 1 - Cat. 5
ViewHockley Valley98 km1062 m1 - Cat.5
ViewHockley Valley121 km1103 m2 - Cat.5


Map of Hockley Valley


StartLengthStart | End Elevation Total Elevation GainAvg. GradeMountain Name
Category 3 icon 0.1 km 2.5 km 282 m | 346 m 64 m 2.5% Creditview Rd.
Category 4 icon 9.5 km 13.8 km 290 m | 447 m 157 m 1.0% St. Andrews Rd.


General Route Information:

  • Start Location: Cheltenham
  • Distance: 121km
  • Elevation Gain: 1103 m
  • Washrooms: None
  • Supplies: Cheltenham
  • Food on Route: Caledon, Hockley, Orangeville
  • Rating: 9/10

  • NOTE:
  • Parking for this route is at the Caledon Trailway parking
  • lot. If that is full you can park at Charles Hains Park on
  • the south side of Cheltenham. Go up and over the hill.
  • It's approximately 1.5 km south.

Emergency Services:


This route through Hockley Valley is one of the hardest routes on this site located in Southern Ontario. There is one that is longer which starts in Stoney Creek, with a Cat. 4 and Cat. 5 climb, but the overall elevation gained and the distance cycled on this route, makes this the toughest of the bunch. Just like it's younger brother, Hockley Valley 96, you'll start in the Hamlet of Cheltenham. This little Hamlet is located half way up Caledon Mountain so the minute you get onto your bike you will be climbing. It's a little over 2 km's to the top. You are rewarded the minute you turn onto Olde Base Line as you now fall off the mountain on a good fast descent. After descending good sized rollers continue all the way to Heart Lake Rd. Heart Lake Rd. is a fantastic road which takes you half way up Caledon Mountain to The Grange Sideroad. The rolling terrain on "Grange" will put you firmly on St. Andrews Rd. where you will climb your first category 5 of the day. Near the top of this climb is a very pretty gold course with a low cobble stone wall that looks like it belongs in the Scottish Moors rather than Southern Ontario.

From here it's rollers all the way through the countryside. There is a short spell on Airport Rd. where caution should be taken. Airport Rd. is busy and fast with not much room on the side of the road for cyclists. The good news is this section is only 4 km's long. Airport Rd. is the dividing line between the higher part of Caledon Mountain and it's shoulder. All the roads going up the mountain that are west of Airport Rd. are fairly decent sized climbs, all the roads east of Airport Rd., while still going up, tend to be big rollers rather than big climbs. So if exploring bigger climbs is your thing start west of Airport Rd.

The route will now wind its way through the countryside to north of Hwy. 9 and eventually to County Rd. 1 and Hockley Rd. This is where you'll start the traverse of Hockley Valley. The combination of County Rd. 1 and Hockley Rd. is 20 km long and is uphill the entire way. This long expanse of road is generally a false flat with a category 5 climb at the end of the valley. You know your going uphill, but it's not steep. It's a continuous 2 - 3% gradient all the way to the end. The valley is beautifully covered with trees on the surrounding slopes with a little bit of field thrown in to give it some variety. The categorized climb is not that bad either, in fact, I had to look at the stats to see where it was. The end of the valley will take you to the outskirts of Orangeville.

You quickly cycle through this busy town to the countryside that awaits you on the other side. Once you turn onto Shaws Creek Rd. you are back to the tranquility of the country. This road is full of rollers and if you get a good tailwind this road can be extremely fun to cycle. Once you turn onto Bush St. you are only 11 km from the finish line. The cycling from this point forward is fairly easy. Soon you'll be back at your car knowing you have completed a pretty tough route.

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