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Town/CityDistanceElevationCategorized Climbs
ViewUxbridge71 km605 mN/A
ViewUxbridge85 km907 mN/A
ViewUxbridge94 km878 mN/A
ViewUxbridge117 km1234 m2 - Cat. 5
ViewMount Albert72 km431 mN/A
ViewKing City102 km1048 mN/A
ViewKing City222 km2035 m2 Cat-3, 1 Cat-4, 3 Cat-5


Map of King City


Start Length Start | End Elevation Avg. Grade Mountain Name
31.52 km 3.10 km 264 m - 322 m 58 m 1.9% Mount Wolfe Rd.
64.54 km 10.01 km 291 m - 448 m 157 m 1.6% Mountainview Rd.
86.55 km 9.61 km 287 m - 449 m 162 m 1.7% Horseshoe Hill Rd.
110.17 km 7.8 km 265 m - 429 m 164 m 2.1% Olde Baseline Rd.
118.71 km 3.70 km 233 m - 319 m 86 m 2.3% 10th Side Rd.
204.72 km 5.20 km 228 m - 307 m 79 m 1.5% 19th Side Rd.


General Route Information:

  • Start Location: King City
  • Start Location: King City Community Centre
  • Distance: 222 km
  • Elevation Gain: 2035 m
  • Washrooms: Occasionally, when the Centre is open
  • Food on Route: Kettleby, Belfountain, Orangeville, Hockley

Emergency Services:


Let me start by saying, this route is not for the faint of heart. It's long, it's hilly and some of the areas can be quite remote. That being said, if you feel you've got the skill set and the legs, go for it. It's a great route. The first section starts in King City on the large rollers of Keele St. Once you're north of 16th Sideroad you'll be treated to tree-lined roads with steep hills and fast descents. Your left turn onto Kettleby Road will bring you through the quaint, 18th century village of Kettleby. Take it easy on the descent. The roads are full of pot holes and there is a sharp right hand turn at the bottom which is then followed by a single lane bridge. Once past the bridge you'll climb out of the valley and cycle along 19th Sideroad. This short section of road is unassuming and quite boring, that is until you get past Hwy 27 where the road eases back into the countryside. At the corner of 19th Sideroad and Concession Rd. 11, where you turn left, is one of my favourite horse farms in Southern Ontario. The sweeping deep green views full of roaming horses is the perfect spot to stop and soak in the atmosphere.

Your left turn onto Concession Rd. 11 will bring you close to the lower flanks of Caledon Mountain. Here you will complete a few hill repeats on the mountains shoulder before you get to the big stuff west of Airport Rd. There are 5 big climbs on the large part of Caledon Mountain. You will cycle up 3 of them and descend the other two. Two of the bigger climbs are 10 km and 9.6 km long while the third is slightly shorter at 7.8 km. All three climbs are long and will have gradients that will top 10%. The last climb is up Olde Baseline Rd. and finishes at Mississauga Rd. Here you will be at the 114 km mark. If you're feeling tired here you're in trouble. You still have 108 km left to go. The good news is all the BIG climbing is done.

Although all the big climbing is done there is still much more climbing to do. You are now heading north into the Belfountain area where you'll enjoy a steep descent into a dark valley and then a moderate climb back out. It's not categorized, but it's a stiff little kick to the top. From here it's a straight shot north into the sprawling town of Orangeville. Some of the roads in this area are nondescript, but it's a necessary evil to get into Hockley Valley. Consider yourself lucky the route is heading east not west. You'll see on the route profile a long descent of 21 km. It's a low grade descent and sometimes feels like it's flat, but it's one of those moments where you'll feel stronger than you really are. It's a good treat. That all ends as you turn right onto Concession Rd. 2. Now you're climbing again. Please note there is a long gap of about 40 km with no chance to get water after you leave Hockley Valley. Please fill up your water bottles at the Hockley Store.

Now you'll fight with constantly undulating terrain through sweeping farmland. If you're lucky you'll be treated to a westerly wind, which is normal in these parts, to help you up the hills. Some of roads are a little busier than what you might want, but they are still safe and rather short lived. The one road you really have to be careful on is Hwy 9. At the 195 km mark you'll turn right onto a very busy road where speeds of 100 kmph is not uncommon. It's a four lane road. Not to worry, there is a good sized shoulder and you are only on it for 400 m before you turn left onto Concession Rd. 11 where you'll be close to meeting up with the original outbound route. All you have to do now is trace the route back to the car. You'll still have to negotiate the climb out of Kettleby and struggle up some of the steeper climbs on Keele St. I never said it was going to be easy. You'll almost be climbing up to the bitter end.

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