Millgrove 102 km
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Town/CityDistanceElevationCategorized Climbs
ViewAncaster61 km428 mN/A
ViewAncaster113 km807 m4 - Cat. 5
ViewMillgrove102 km856 m1 - Cat. 5
ViewMillgrove104 km768 m2 - Cat. 5
ViewMillgrove131 km1024 m2 - Cat. 5




StartLengthStart | End ElevationAvg. GradeMountain Name
cat 32.6 km 2.9 km 210 m | 271 m 61 m 2.1% Main St


General Route Information:

  • Start Location: Millgrove Community Centre
  • Distance: 102 km
  • Elevation Gain: 856 m
  • Washrooms: During summer there is a porta potty on site
  • Supplies: Off Hwy. 6
  • Food on Route: St. George

Emergency Services:


The start location for this route is the Millgrove Community Centre. It's more of a parking lot with a baseball diamond and a small library which never seems to be open. You start off by turning right out of the driveway and head towards the brow of the escarpment. Instead of taking the thrilling ride down Sydenham, you will tun right onto Harvest Rd. which rolls over the farmland providing rural views of the local working farms. After getting to Greenville you will go straight onto Crooks Hollow Rd. This is a perfect road for cycling. It's quiet and small and goes past some old ruins and several waterfalls. There is one good downhill section which, of course, is followed by a good sized out of the saddle climb. Following the short, steep climb you will come to Hwy. 8 where you will turn right and make your way towards Concession Rd. 2.

Concession Rd. 2 is a very straight road containing many small rollers for about 12 km. When the road starts to twist and turn a small downhill section on a narrow road will cross over a small picturesque bridge. A small climb out of the valley will be required. A few turns later and you will be in the town of Saint George. The one thing you will notice when you get to St. George is the hill heading north out of town. And yes, that hill needs to be climbed. Once gaining the crest of the hill you are back into farm country. The next 20 km exhibits some of the best cycling this region has to offer. The roads are very quiet, so quiet that you will probably see quite a few farm vehicle sharing the road with you. This section really does have some great country riding, with very little in the way of elevation gain.

The easy nature of the route is rudely interrupted by your turn onto Foreman Rd. There are a few little bumps that need to be negotiated as you head towards Concession Rd. 10 which is the approach road to the outer limits of Cambridge. Soon you will find yourself back onto Gore Rd. where your homeward journey begins.

You will cycle east along Gore Rd., which happens to be fairly quiet, until you turn onto Valens Rd. Just up the road will be the Valens Reservoir which begs you to stop to take a shot for Instagram. You will keep twisting through the country side eventually coming to Safari Rd. At this point you will have about 85 km in your legs. It is also at this point that you need to get over two good sized climbs. After surviving Safari Rd. the route has one more little surprise about 1.5 km up Westover Rd. It's a pretty tough climb to be stuck almost at the end of the a 102 km route, but I couldn't resist. Once you reach the top of the climb it is only 15 k back to the car on fairly flat roads.

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