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Although my home base lies in Southern Ontario, I have cycled many other locations Canada has to offer. There are some world renown Canadian destinations that are very popular with the international cycling community.

One of the more famous of these locations is the Canadian Rockies located in the western part of the country. Inside the "Rockies Park Triangle" sits the Icefield Parkway. Its a 232 km stretch of road that starts in Jasper to the north and finishes in Lake Louise to the south. Along the way you will climb two category 2 mountain passes, cycle past the Columbia Icefields and pass many ice blue lakes and high mountain peaks. There is hardly a road in Canada that offers the continuous opportunity to view mountain scenery so close at hand.

On East Coast sits another famous cycling destination. The Cabot Trail. The Cabot Trail is a loop that covers 298 km along some of the prettiest coast line Canada has to offer. This loop offers everything from rolling valley roads in the Margaree Valley to the mountain goat section that traverse Cape Breton Highlands National Park. Most people will be able to cycle the lower sections of this trail, but proper conditioning and gearing will be needed for the mountains. Both sides of North Mountain offer steady gradients of 13% for most of the 5km you will cycle to the summit.

As we travel a little further east we hit Newfoundland. If you are looking for stunning scenery and quiet roads, then Newfoundland is for you. On the West coast of the island is Gros Morne National Park. There are many options to choose from including a traverse of the park, which passes the famous Western Brook Pond and Gros Morne Mountain. Another option, not to be missed, is the road out of Trout River that passes the geological wonder of the barren Tablelands. On the east coast of the island is St. John's, a thriving city keeping all the charms and friendliness that one would expect from people living on the east coast. There are numerous routes right out of St. John's that travel up and down to the coastline as well as outlying routes that go through little town gems like "Hearts Content". There is much to explore here in Newfoundland.


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