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Map of Campbellville


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General Route Information:

  • Start Location: Campbellville Old Ball Park
  • Distance: 44 km
  • Elevation Gain: 305 m
  • Washrooms:
  • Food on Route: None

Emergency Services:


Your ride out of Campbellville will be mostly flat for the first 2 km. After you turn left onto Twiss Rd. you will have a noticeable climb for about 1.2 km until you turn right onto Side Rd. 3. This small section of road, just shy of 2 km, is probably one of my favourites roads in Southern Ontario. It's small, quiet, the trees overhang the road, it twists and curves and goes up and down; it has everything. There is one thing to watch out for in the spring and that's a coating of sand that may still be covering the road left over from the winter sanding operations. So be careful, going down and around the corners.

A series of back-roads will bring you onto a slightly busy Centre Rd. I say busy because the roads up until now have been really slow and mostly traffic free. As you turn right from Concession Rd. 11 onto Centre Rd. it becomes clear the road goes up. The rollers, which are not that steep, will last for about 6.5 km until you turn onto Concession Rd. 9 (aka. Victoria Rd. S.). After this point things will level out and you can regain your breath.

The northward journey up to Regional Rd.34 on Victoria Rd. also has rollers, but they are small and easy to negotiate. As you turn right onto Regional Rd. 34 you'll notice this road is certainly busier than what you have experienced so far. It's one of those necessary "link up" roads that are hard avoid in certain situations. Put your time trial helmet on and sprint the 2 km to Watson Rd. where you will turn right. Watson Rd. is much the same as Victoria, except you are now heading south and most importantly downhill.

At Leslie Rd. you will turn left. The remainder is mostly flat, easy and goes through some pretty countryside. The only part not nice about this section is the small part that parallels the 401. As the road turns right and you start to head south you will cycle towards Mountsberg Conservation Area. It was here that a deer damn near knocked me off my bike as it came bounding across the road. A bit of a surprise to say the least. Once you get to Campbellville Rd. you will turn left.

From this point on, the road is flat and hopefully the wind will be at your back. It won't be long until you are back at the cars.

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