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Map of Terra Cotta


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General Route Information:

  • Start Location: Terra Cotta (King St. and Heritage Rd.)
  • Distance: 49 km
  • Elevation Gain: 469 m
  • Washrooms: summer - porta potty, the Terra Cotta Park
  • Food on Route: Inglewood, Cheltenham

Emergency Services:


Terra Cotta is one of my favourite places to ride. This route may be short, but the last 25 km will more than make up for the lack of distance. The route starts out following the winding road out of Terra Cotta and soon ascends out of a dark valley with a good early test for the legs. The climb is short, but steep enough where some may need to get out of the saddle to reach the top. From here on through, with the exception of a short climb after Mississauga Rd., it is fairly flat for the next 25 km's. You will find King St. fairly busy east of Mississauga Rd. but the traffic is soon left behind with a right hand turn down Chinguacousy Line and eventually to a left hand turn onto Old School Rd. It's easy country riding and a good, solid warm up for the hills to come.

The hill section starts at the base of Caledon Mountain on St. Andrews Rd. You don't climb all the way to the top, but rather turn left before the climbing proper begins. Just before you turn left to traverse the mountain you will need to overcome a stiff little climb on St. Andrews Rd. Your first good test of the day. At the top you'll turn left onto The Grange where you'll be treated to a solid downhill run before you bounce back up the other side to reach Horseshoe Hill Rd. There are fantastic views on this section so don't be in too much of hurry to get it done. The roads flattens out slightly just past Heart Lake Rd. which is then followed by another long downhill run bringing you to Hwy. 10. The Grange is a great road. It has it all. It's what you think country riding should be. You will stay on this road until you turn left onto McLaughlin Rd. The views here are especially picturesque. You are tucked right up against the steep slopes of the escarpment surrounded on all sides by farms and woodland pastures. Get your cameras ready.

Your turn onto McLaughlin Rd. will lead you straight towards a climb coming into the village of Inglewood. You will find food and water here. Inglewood sits in a small valley bordered to the north and south by two hills. You will climb them both. Both are fairly short and will top out near 10%. Your next series of climbs will on Boston Mills Rd. where you will climb half way up the mountain and plunge back down again into the Village of Cheltenham. You will find food and water here as well. No sooner than you descend into this quaint village you will see a large hill straight ahead of you. This is your way out. So basically, you will climb four good hills after your turn onto McLaughlin Rd. This should not present too much trouble if you are following the route as laid out. At 49 km's the route is fairly short, with a 25 km flat section followed by some hills sets in some of the best scenery Southern Ontario has to offer.

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