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Map of Halton Hills


StartLengthStart | End ElevationAvg.Mountain Name
icon 22.7 km 2.2 km 159 m | 212 m 53 m 2.4% Side Rd. 2


General Route Information:

  • Start Location: Hornby Park
  • Distance: 65 km
  • Elevation Gain: 412 m
  • Washrooms: summer - porta potty beside the parking lot
  • Supplies: Just off the hwy at Trafalgar and Steeles.
  • Food on Route: Near the 35 km mark in Milton

Emergency Services:


This route starts off exactly the same as Halton Hills 41 km. There's a slight downhill grade on 6th Line right out of the gate. If you're lucky enough to have the wind at your back you'll come out of the parking lot at a pace that is quicker than you normally would. You can't see the grade, but it's there. This continues until you reach the hills of Lower Baseline Rd. There are only three of them. The first one is fairly easy, you'll probably stay in your saddle. The second is certainly stepper than the first which will probably get you out of the saddle. The third is a short way past the second. Not much of hill really, more of an inconvenience than anything else. There's a fast run in which gives you good momentum. Once at Hwy 25 you can rest easy for a short while as it's all flat until the break away from the original route. This happens at Bell School Line.

After Bell School Line the routes starts to pick up in difficulty. After a short ride past Bell School Line you will turn onto Sideroad 2. A quick descent will take you to a small valley, but, you guessed it, you have to climb back out. It's not that long or steep, but it will make you work. At the the top you'll have a short respite before you have the long slog up to Walkers Line. This hill is deceiving. It seems much longer than it actually is. You'll turn onto Walkers Line and continue upwards until you reach Sideroad 4. The scenery towards Walkers Line will treat you to a magnificent view of the escarpment. You are now at the base of the cliff looking up.

After you turn right onto Sideroad 4 you will gain speed very quickly as you descend a good size hill. Be careful in the spring as there can be lots of sand covering the road. Also, be careful at the bottom where there is a sharp left hand turn. There is always sand on this corner. You can never take this corner at high speed. If you do you will slide into the guard rail. Take it from someone that has come close to that experience. As always, whatever goes down has to come back up. It's a short, steepish climb back towards Appleby Line.

From here the rest of route is flattish in nature with some long false flats on Appleby Line and 5th Line. Tremaine Rd, will go up and down as well, but nothing too big. When you reach 5th line you'll head north towards 15 Sideroad. From the start of Tremain Rd. until 5th Line you are on the outskirts of Milton. Not too busy with traffic, but it's not country either. After climbing up towards 15 Sideroad the route turns south back towards your car.

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