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StartLengthStart | End ElevationAvg.Mountain Name
cat 14.1 km 5.7 km 164 m - 259 m 95 m 1.7 % Inksetter Rd.
cat 38.2 km 2.8 km 209 m - 270 61 m 2.2% Main St.


General Route Information:

  • Start Location: Millgrove Community Centre
  • Distance: 104 km
  • Elevation Gain: 768 m
  • Washrooms: Porta Potty on Site
  • Food on Route: St. George
  • Food on Route: Regional 97 Rd.
  •    Variety Store 200 m East of Foreman Rd.

Emergency Services:


The start location for this route is Millgrove Community Centre. It's really more of a parking lot with a few baseball diamonds and a small library which never seems to be open. You start by turning right out of the driveway and cycle towards the brow of the escarpment. Instead of taking the thrilling ride down Sydenham, you'll veer right onto Harvest Rd. which rolls quietly through farmland providing open rural views of the local working farms. After getting to Greenville you'll go straight onto Crooks Hollow Rd. This is a perfect road for cycling. It's quiet and small and goes past some old ruins and several waterfalls which can be accessed by way of protected Conservation Areas. There's a good downhill section which, of course, is followed by a good sized out of the saddle climb. Following the short, steep climb you'll come to Hwy. 8 where you'll turn right. Just up the road you'll turn left onto Weirs Lane and proceed down a road made for cycling. There's a thrilling descent down a winding road that finishes as you speed under an old railroad trestle. Be careful while descending. The corners can be tight and if you veer over the line you could get hit by oncoming traffic. At Governors Rd. you'll turn right on a slightly busier road and climb all the way up to Binkley Rd. where you'll turn left, then a quick right onto Old Hwy. 99. A few turns later will find you climbing up the picturesque Inksetter Rd. on route to Concession Rd. 2.

You'll shoot straight across the many rollers of Concession Rd. 2 for about 12 km. When the road starts to wind you'll come to a small downhill section that will have you crossing over a small bridge at the bottom of a valley. A small climb out will be required. A few turns later you'll be in the town of St. George. You can buy water at a variety store on your left as you come into town. The one thing you'll notice when you get to St. George is the hill heading north out of town. And yes, that hill needs to be climbed. Once gaining the crest of the hill you are back into open farm country. The next 20 km exhibits some of the best cycling this region has to offer. The roads are very quiet, so quiet, in fact, that you'll probably share the road with a few farm vehicles going to and from the working fields. This section really does have some great country riding, with very little in the way of elevation gain.

As you get to Regional 97 Rd. you can purchase water about 200 m east of Foreman Rd. at a small variety store. The store on Regional 97 Rd. is not on the route proper. The easy nature of the route is now rudely interrupted by your turn onto Foreman Rd. There are a few steep bumps that need to be negotiated as you head towards Concession Rd. 10. Soon you'll find yourself on Gore Rd. where your homeward journey begins. You'll cycle east along Gore Rd., which is fairly quiet, until you turn right onto Valens Rd. Just up the road is the Valens Reservoir that begs you to stop to take a shot for Instagram. You basically drop straight south on Valens Rd. This road is offset at a few points so a few turns will be required to get you back on route. Once you get to 5th Concession Rd. you'll turn right. You'll make a few more turns on flat roads until eventually getting to a beautiful road called Sodom Rd. where you'll turn left. Eventually you'll get back onto Concession Rd. 4 for the final push back to the car. At Millgrove Rd. you'll turn left where the finish line is less than 2 k up the road.

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