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Zone 1 Map Zone 2 is bordered by the shoreline of Lake Ontario to the north and the shoreline of Lake Erie to the south. The escarpment runs in an east west formation close to the shores of Lake Ontario. The eastern portion of this zone is followed by the Welland Canal while the western most edge basically follows Upper James/Hwy 6 to the Grand River and then drops straight south on Kohler Rd. to the shores of Lake Erie.

The first starting point is Balls Falls Conservation Area (the park charges a fee to park your car). The Balls Falls area is a mixture of rural country, villages, vineyards and some town riding on the edge of St. Catharines. There is something for everyone in this area. Balls Falls is up on the escarpment so a full climb up the ridge is not required, but there are still some good climbs in the area that will add a little bit of a challenge to your cycling day.

The second starting point is located in Stoney Creek. These routes use the escarpment as its focal point. It is here where you will follow the very beautiful Ridge Rd. This road follows the brow of the escarpment and will afford some fantastic views of Lake Ontario and the towns that dot the landscape below. Be sure to bring your camera, you will not be disappointed. The two longer routes follow Waterdown Rd. and Wilson Rd. If you like to climb these 3 - 4 km climbs will leave you feeling satisfied at the end of the day.


Town/CityDistance (km)Elevation Gain (m)Categorized Climbs
ViewBalls Falls85 km597 m1 - Cat.3
ViewBalls Falls100 km643 m1 - Cat.5   |   1 - Cat.3
ViewStoney Creek50 km269 m1 - Cat.4
ViewStoney Creek108 km646 m1 - Cat.5  |   1 - Cat.4
ViewStoney Creek140 km847 m2 - Cat.5   |   1 - Cat.4


Map of Stoney Creek


Start Length Start | End Elevation Total Elevation Gain Avg. Grade Mountain Name
cat 23.5 km 17 km 80 m | 262 m 182 m 1.1% Waterdown Rd.
cat 52.8 km 11.9 km 79 m | 248 m 169 m 1.4% Wilson Rd.


General Route Information:

  • Start Location: Winona Park - Stoney Creek
  • Distance: 108 km
  • Elevation Gain: 646 m
  • Washrooms: Gas Stations on Fruitland Rd.
  • Supplies: Stoney Creek
  • Food on Route: Burlington, Waterdown, Dundas
  •                         Mount Hope
  • Rating: 9/10

Emergency Services:


For those looking for their first metric century this route fits the bill. It has it all. Flat farm country, good climbs, urban landscape and shoreline roads. Although this is a great route, navigating it will require attention. It has many turns. If you pay close attention to the cue sheet provided you should have no problems.

The route starts out on a non descript service road, but quickly finds the shores of Lake Ontario. The route follows the shoreline which then crosses the historic Burlington Canal Lift Bridge. Be careful in wet conditions as the bridge can be very slippery. Probably better to walk your bike across on the sidewalk. Not far up the road you will reach North Shore Blvd. in Burlington where rollers and fun await. From here it's onto a fairly busy road that will soon turn left on Waterdown Rd. up towards the escarpment where your first Cat. 4 climb is more than obvious. As Cat. 4's go, it's fairly easy. The gradient is low, but the road is long.

At the top of the climb you will then wind yourself through farm country on the edge of Waterdown. The road here is flat which will offer a good chance to recover from your effort up Waterdown Rd. As always what goes up also comes down. Your time on top of the escarpment is coming to an end. You will now descend Rock Chapel Rd. leading you into Dundas. The descent is fairly safe, no switchbacks, but you will gain lots of speed. Speeds in excess of 70 kmph can be reached for the brave and foolhardy. I was once the foolhardy. Once a squirrel darted out of the bush and almost went between my front and back rim when I was going at top speed. No more needs to be said here. Be careful!!!

The route now winds its way through Dundas towards Wilson Rd. Back up we go. Be careful not to miss the turns. Wilson Rd. is rated as a category 5 climb by Map My Ride, but I find it equal or longer than Waterdown Rd. Personally, I think the climbs starts further back than MMR gives credit for, but either way, there is nowhere on the climb where "out of the saddle" climbing is required. It's a great climb. The road is busy, but there is a good size pathway for bikes, almost a full car lane in places. Once on top of the climb flat, country roads prevail.

You will travel through farmland leading you towards the beautiful Ridge Rd. Views over the escarpment of the lake and towns below make all the climbing you did worthwhile. The route then turns onto 50 Rd. where a steep switch back descent will follow. Use caution here. The road surface is cracked, especially after the first switchback, and can be very slippery in wet conditions. All corners are blind. You will gain speed very quickly and the corners come at you fast. Keep feathering your brakes and ride at a speed for your own abilities. This downhill can be thrilling, but short. Enjoy it, but please be careful.

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