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Zone 1 Map Zone 2 is bordered by the shoreline of Lake Ontario to the north and the shoreline of Lake Erie to the south. The escarpment runs in an east west formation close to the shores of Lake Ontario. The eastern portion of this zone is followed by the Welland Canal while the western most edge basically follows Upper James/Hwy 6 to the Grand River and then drops straight south on Kohler Rd. to the shores of Lake Erie.

The first starting point is Balls Falls Conservation Area (the park charges a fee to park your car). The Balls Falls area is a mixture of rural country, villages, vineyards and some town riding on the edge of St. Catharines. There is something for everyone in this area. Balls Falls is up on the escarpment so a full climb up the ridge is not required, but there are still some good climbs in the area that will add a little bit of a challenge to your cycling day.

The second starting point is located in Stoney Creek. These routes use the escarpment as its focal point. It is here where you will follow the very beautiful Ridge Rd. This road follows the brow of the escarpment and will afford some fantastic views of Lake Ontario and the towns that dot the landscape below. Be sure to bring your camera, you will not be disappointed. The two longer routes follow Waterdown Rd. and Wilson Rd. If you like to climb these 3 - 4 km climbs will leave you feeling satisfied at the end of the day.


Town/CityDistance (km)Elevation Gain (m)Categorized Climbs
ViewBalls Falls85 km597 m1 - Cat.3
ViewBalls Falls100 km643 m1 - Cat.5   |   1 - Cat.3
ViewStoney Creek50 km269 m1 - Cat.4
ViewStoney Creek108 km646 m1 - Cat.5  |   1 - Cat.4
ViewStoney Creek140 km847 m2 - Cat.5   |   1 - Cat.4


Map of Stoney Creek


StartLengthStart | End Elevation Total Elevation GainAvg. GradeMountain Name
cat 23.5 km 17 km 80 m | 262 m 182 m 1.1% Waterdown Rd.
cat 52.8 km 11.9 km 79 m | 248 m 169 m 1.4% Wilson Rd.
cat 126.2 km 8.8 km 94 m | 208 m 114 m 1.2% Dewitt Rd.


General Route Information:

  • Start Location: Winona Park - Stoney Creek
  • Distance: 140 km
  • Elevation Gain: 847 m
  • Washrooms: Gas Stations on Fruitland Rd.
  • Supplies: Stoney Creek
  • Food on Route: Burlington, Waterdown, Dundas
  •                         Mount Hope
  • Rating: 10/10

Emergency Services:


Stoney Creek 140 km takes the exact same route as Stoney Creek 108 km with a few additions. It starts following the shores of Lake Ontario before turning left onto North Shore Blvd. in Burlington. Before you know it you turn up towards the escarpment where the category 4 Waterdown Rd. awaits your arrival. After the climb is where a small addition to the route is made. Instead of turning left onto Parkside Rd., as you would in the 108 km version, you turn right. This will take you on a flat 11.4 km detour through mainly farmland meeting up again with the original route at Flamboro Centre. Here you will turn right onto Concession Rd. 6. The routes, for the time being, are now the same.

After crossing a busy Hwy. 6 you will soon find yourself, after some country riding, descending Rock Chapel Rd. The descent is fairly straight forward with no tight switchbacks to worry about. As with any descent please be careful as anything can jump out at you or cross in front of you. Please refer to my little occurrence in the 108 km version. After a thrilling descent you will wind yourself through the town of Dundas. Please be mindful of the turns. If you follow the cue sheet provided you should have no problems. I have marked out where possible wrong turns may occur. On the other side of Dundas is where you'll climb the category 5 Wilson Rd. In my personal opinion Map My Ride has it wrong. I think this climb starts much further back than MMR gives credit for. I think it's more like a category 4, but either way, it's similar to Waterdown Rd. You will not need to get out of your saddle for this climb.

After your climb up the mountain you will soon be back into country side. It is here where the second divergence from the main route will occur. Instead of turning left from Book onto Fiddlers Green you will go straight. This adds another 18 km of flat country riding to your distance. You will merge back with the main route at Renforth (Glancaster and Airport Rd.). The route will now wind its way through the open country side dotted with farms, orchards and wineries on its way back to the edge of the escarpment and Ridge Rd.

It's at the intersection with 2 and Ridge Rd. where this route diverges for the last time. At Ridge Rd. you will turn left and quickly turn onto New Mountain Rd. A fast descent will follow into the town of Stoney Creek. Please be careful on these roads as they tend to be quite busy. Your time on these busy roads is short as you will turn back up towards the escarpment on Dewitt Rd. and climb it one more time. This is rated as a category 5 climb, but don't be fooled. This climb will top out with 13% gradients. For most it's an "out of the saddle" climb. Once you have gained the top you will be back onto Ridge Rd. and the main route. At the end of the route a tricky descent of 50 Rd. is required. Please refer to either Stoney Creek 52 or 108 km for ore information on this descent.

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