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Welcome to TEAM BODY GO. Ever since I started coordinating group rides all those many years ago, the central focus has always been the Enbridge Ride to Conquer Cancer (RTCC). Although numerous teams tackle the RTCC our team implements an extensive training regime that is second to none. The training block for the "Ride" is something I call Spring Training. This is an enjoyable, but challenging 10 week series of training rides that kicks off at the beginning of April. The first training ride is usually around 40 km which is followed by a new ride every Sunday for 10 weeks ending with a challenging, picturesque 115 km ride. The training rides get increasingly difficult in both elevation gain and distance as the training period progresses. On week 11, those who have signed up for it, participate in The Ride to Conquer Cancer; a two day, 220 km event. After the "Ride" weekend the team generally shuts down for another season. Not everyone who comes out to Spring Training does the "Ride". This 10 week block of training has become one of the central reasons for the teams existence. It is not uncommon to find cold beer and good food at the end of each stage. The people are great, the terrain is beyond beautiful and the challenge of the 10 weeks will leave you feeling fit and ready to go for summer. Interested??? Come on out and it give it go. You won't be disappointed.


In addition to the "Ride" Southern Ontario is developing a calender of sorts, where a cycling enthusiast can participate in quite a few fairly large cycling events. These events are a mixture of Gran Fondos, charity rides and Centurions. Some of these are chipped, some are Gran Fondo style, some have a charitable component with some chipped sections and others have no chip at all. The best riders still show up to all the chipped events, but these are mass road events where people at my skill level and lower can still participate. As the Centurion motto goes, racers race and riders ride. To date the team does not ride together in these events, but you never know. As the team increases in size and diversity there may be a future for expanding team rides beyond it's existing framework.


Below are the designs for the TEAM BODY GO cycling kit. Click each thumbnail and it will open into a larger format for better viewing.

There are mens and ladies jersey and jackets and for the jersey's you will have a choice of either race or club cut. Race cut is rather tight fitting with club cut being a bit more relaxed with a looser fit. If you don't know what size you are for the race cut option go to any cycling store and try on a high end jersey (Assos for example) and the fit will be the same. Club cut will fit more like any standard sizing model. I submit the annual order sometime around mid January. If you would like to buy a jersey or jacket in the middle of the season please let me know. Single item orders are available.



Do something epic, do something extraordinary. Join us for the Enbridge Ride to Conquer and experience a journey of a lifetime. Cycle over 200 km's in two days from Toronto to Niagara in support of the Princess Margaret Cancer Center.


I have been leading and training teams for the Ride to Conquer Cancer for over a decade and will continue until I reach our team fundraising goal of $1,000,000. TEAM BODY GO will help you every step of the way including helping you gear up, helping you train and helping you become a better all round cyclist.

Spring training starts 10 weeks prior to the Enbridge Ride to Conquer Cancer. For more information on joining the team please see below or visit the team's website here. For more information on training please visit the Training page.

Cancer affects us all. No one is immune. Here are a few statistics about Cancer from the Canadian Cancer Society.


It is estimated that in 2020:

  • •   115,800 Canadian men will be diagnosed with cancer and 44,100 men will die from cancer.
  • •   110,000 Canadian women will be diagnosed with cancer and 39,300 women will die from cancer.
  • •   On average, 617 Canadians will be diagnosed with cancer every day.
  • •   On average, 228 Canadians will die from cancer every day.

Since 2008, The Enbridge Ride to Conquer Cancer Ontario has raised over $220.3 million for the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre and currently is Canada’s largest cycling fundraiser. TEAM BODY GO will be there again in 2021.

If you would like more information about the event or would like to join the team please email me at


I'm sure some of you are wondering, who is this guy and why should I join this team. Well, the short answer to that is I'm passionate about cycling. I love organizing cycling teams and if you need help along the way, I'll do whatever I can to provide it. I'll work tirelessly to make your experience exciting and hopefully make you fall in love with cycling the way I have.

When I started my first team it became an obsession. Building websites, developing routes, putting together videos of our training rides. It was hard work and I loved it. So what is my motivation and what do I get out of this team. I get nothing except the pleasure of promoting the sport and spending time with great people. This team will grow over time, of that I'm sure. How will it grow? To be honest, I'm not sure. It will be organic and it will grow naturally for the needs of the team.


Who is the right person for this team and how do you join? If I'm going to spend lots of time with someone, I would like that someone to basically be a decent human being. Someone who is aggressive towards others and cares only about themselves has no place on this team. I like to work hard for others, but I won't do it for someone who does not respect the team and it's members. You must be open and have no bias based on gender, ethnic background, religion or sexual orientation. This team is open to anyone who is generally good at heart. I reserve the right to include or exclude anyone from this team. My main concern is for the comfort and safety of my team mates.

If you think you are a right fit for this team please email me at the address provided below. The future of this team lies with all of you. We will create a team that team members want. This site is designed to promote cycling in Southern Ontario, our team will help with that goal and hopefully have some fun along the way.

Contact Lance Donnelly at


If you have any questions about the level of commitment this team suggests you will find all the information you need below. Personally, I think it's pretty fair.

One of the most common questions is the one about commitment. People have families and other aspects of their lives that they are trying to balance, I get it. Cycling is a time consuming passion, much like golf. So what am I asking from people who want to join this team? First, I would say you need to be able to make at least half of the 10 week rides series in the spring that preps for the Ride to Conquer Cancer (RTCC). This does NOT mean you will be asked to do the RTCC, although it's a great and very worthwhile charitable ride and I encourage everyone to do it. Fundraising for some is a difficult task. What you see on our web-page on the RTCC website will most likely not reflect our entire team roster.


Due to logistical concerns of organizing group rides the team has a minimum average speed a rider should be able to hold before joining this team. Curiousness below.

The range of ability within this team falls somewhere between the mid to low 20's and 30 kph average speed. If you are slower than the low end range this team is probably not for you. Most fit people can maintain at least 20 kph over a long distance. On the flip side, if you are a rider that is faster than 30 kph, you are welcome to join the team, but you may be cycling on your own because as it stands now, the fastest rider on the team probably won't break the 30 mark over the long haul. This team is designed for the cyclist that is fit and has the desire to ride. This is not to be confused with you must have experience, because you don't. I've seen inexperienced riders, who have never cycled before, cycle near the front of the pack. I have a bit of experience with riders and how fast they can go and most people with a proper road bike would meet the minimum speed requirement.


This sections explains what we do in spring training, how long the routes are and when it starts. It also explains our "getting dropped" policy, or should I say, lack thereof.

The team will start spring training 10 weeks prior to the Ride to Conquer Cancer. Every week the route will increase in distance and elevation gain culminating in week 10 with a ride that is over 100 km in distance with an elevation gain of over 1000 m. Each stage has a neutral start, where all team members stay together for the first 10 km. It is here where riders who are not used to riding in close contact with other riders can learn a thing or two about pack riding. After the neutral start is over, the hammer drops and each rider can choose their own individual speed and level of exertion. This is NOT a "no one gets left behind" team. On this team you will need to be self sufficient and ride on your own if you get dropped. The only organized breaks are the ones that riders force upon themselves. TEAM BODY GO encourages a self supported style of riding.

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