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Town/CityDistanceElevationCategorized Climbs
ViewTerra Cotta49 km469 mN/A
ViewTerra Cotta64 km584 m1 - Cat. 4
ViewTerra Cotta91 km715 mN/A
ViewTerra Cotta94 km807 m2 - Cat. 4
ViewTerra Cotta150 km1688 m2 - Cat.4, 1 - Cat. 5
ViewHockley98 km1062 m1 - Cat.5
ViewHockley121 km1103 m2 - Cat.5


Map of Terra Cotta


StartLengthStart | End ElevationAvg.Mountain Name
35.0 km 7.7 km 277 m - 397 m 120 m 1.6% Forks of the Credit


Sector #StartLengthStart | End ElevationAvg.Road Name
1 35.8 km 1.8 km 301 m - 322 m 21 m 1.1% McLaughlin Rd.
2 45.1 km 2.7 km 395 m - 400 m 5 m 0.2% Caledon Trailway


General Route Information:

  • Start Location: Terra Cotta (King St. and Heritage Rd.)
  • Distance: 64 km
  • Elevation Gain: 584 m
  • Washrooms: summer - porta potty, the Terra Cotta Inn
  • Food on Route: Belfountain

Emergency Services:


Any cyclist worth their salt in Southern Ontario will play on the rolling roads found in and around the village of Terra Cotta. The biggest feature in this area, and it's what we come here for, is Caledon Mountain. Outside of The Blue Mountains in the north, this particular area is known for the biggest climbs in the region. Our route starts out on the corner of King St. and Heritage Rd. The sweeping curves of King St. has given it a designation of a "Scenic Road" as it sits deep in a dark valley that twists and turns in tune to the banks of the Credit River just off your left shoulder. As you get to the right bend the road disappears around the corner and a stiff little climb will relieve you of the darkness of the valley below. Be careful during the early season as the inside corner always seems to be wet and if it's cold it could easily ice up and dump you onto the tarmac. From here it's a straight shot east where you will turn right onto Chinguacousy Rd. on-route to a left hand turn onto Old School Rd. From here it's a solid run for just shy of 10 km on fairly flat roads. On most days the wind is from the west. If you couple that with lots of group energy early in the route it can make for a pretty fast pace across Old School Line. Once you reach Torbram Rd. you'll turn left and head north on a false flat.

You are now heading towards Caledon Mountain whose flank you will climb via Mountainview Rd. We are not climbing all the way to the top today, instead we'll turn left onto The Grange Side Rd. which happens to be one of my favourite roads in all of Southern Ontario. This wonderful back road has all the makings of a road you dream about. It is quiet, picturesque full of lumps and bumps and is mostly downhill with a few climbs thrown in just to keep you sharp. The views up here are amazing. As you turn left onto the Grange you will still be climbing on fairly easy gradients all the way to St. Andrews Rd. From here it is a rolling ride with many downhill sections across the expanse of the mountain. Be sure to stop a take a few quick shots along the way. You'll regret it if you don't. The view heading west, as you reach Kennedy Rd., is one of my favourites. You can see open farmers fields dotted with rolls of hay borders by dense thickets of woods tucked up against the sheer bulk of the Niagara Escarpment. It really is quiet beautiful to see. Eventually you'll get to a very busy Hwy. 10. Be patient when crossing. There is always a lull in the traffic if you just wait for your opportunity. Don't' worry. It won't take long.

Just up the road you'll turn right onto McLaughlin Rd., sector number 1 of dirt, for a 1.8 km jaunt north to Forks of the Credit Rd. where you'll turn left. Forks of the Credit Rd. is another designated "Scenic Road" and I think you'll understand why. Enjoy the ups and downs, but try and save a little bit of energy for the switch back climb near the Caledon Ski Club. It's a short sharp climb that will definitely have you out of your saddle. The fun continues once you reach the top as it's still very scenic as it's set deep by steep hill sides and beautiful wood lands. At the end of the road you'll turn right onto Mississauga Rd. where you'll quickly have to negotiate a switch back descent followed by another climb that will eventually lead to the Caledon Trailway, our 2nd dirt sector on the day, where you'll turn left. Be careful while descending Mississauga Rd. as the turns are blind. Cars can't see you coming. Absolutely do not cross the yellow line here. At the end of the Caledon Trailway you'll negotiate a few more rolling roads that will lead to the edge of Caledon Mountain on Mississauga Rd. where you'll scream down the mountain and pop back up at the "Scenic Road" of King St. A couple km later and you'll back at your car.

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