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Town/CityDistanceElevationCategorized Climbs
ViewTerra Cotta49 km469 mN/A
ViewTerra Cotta64 km584 m1 - Cat. 4
ViewTerra Cotta91 km715 mN/A
ViewTerra Cotta94 km807 m2 - Cat. 4
ViewTerra Cotta150 km1688 m2 - Cat.4, 1 - Cat. 5
ViewHockley98 km1062 m1 - Cat.5
ViewHockley121 km1103 m2 - Cat.5


Map of Terra Cotta


StartLengthStart | End ElevationAvg. GradeMountain Name


General Route Information:

  • Start Location: Terra Cotta (King St. and Heritage Rd.)
  • Distance: 91km
  • Elevation Gain: 715 m
  • Washrooms: summer - porta potty, the Terra Cotta Inn
  • Supplies: Corner of Hwy. 7 and Winston Churchill
  • Food on Route: Caledon, Alton, Glen Williams

Emergency Services:


Terra Cotta and the surrounding countryside are an absolutely a wonderful place to cycle. There is a good mix of flat roads to the south and climbs up Caledon Mountain to the north. This particular route starts in the village of Terra Cotta. There is a crude parking lot at the corner of King St. and Heritage Rd. You will see many cars with bike racks parked at this location. It's a great jumping off point for the surrounding countryside. Once you leave the parking lot you will turn right onto King St. which will curve it's way along leading to a small hill where you will climb out of the valley. From here on things will remain mostly flat for the next 20km, with one small exception as you pass over Mississauga Rd. You are now firmly in farm country.

The hills will start once you turn onto Heart Lake Rd. from Olde Base Line. From here it's about 10 km of hills leading up and over Caledon Mountain. The climbing is not stiff. The max gradient is 12%, but the majority of the climb is in the 6% range. There is one category 5 section, starting after The Grange Side Rd., which is where you'll find the steepest gradients. It's a nice climb. After your climb you will turn left onto Charleston Sideroad, which is anything but a "sideroad". This road can be busy with large transport trucks and a good amount of car traffic. You can get food and drink when you get to Caledon Village at Hwy. 10. You are on this road for only 4 km's, where you will then turn right onto Willoughby Rd. Now you are back in the country. After a short term cycling north you will turn back south into the little town of Alton. You can find food and water here, as well.

One of the tougher climbs on this route comes as you near the Forks of the Credit Rd. Once you see signs for the Caledon Ski Club a fast downhill section will veer to the left and the climb begins. It's not a categorized climb, but it's close. Most cyclists will be out of their saddle for portions of this climb. A short while later you will go through the tiny hamlet of Belfountain, where, once again, you can find food and drink. Don't take a wrong turn here. At the stop sign go straight. The route is fairly flat from here on through with the exception of one good hill out of Glen Williams. As a reward for this little nasty climb out of the "Glen" the downhill section of Winston Churchill, which comes shortly after, will have you reaching speeds of over 60kmph. The run-out is fairly long. You'll slow down before the sharp right hand turn you'll see ahead, not to worry.

I love cycling in this part of Southern Ontario. The roads are good quality, for the most part, it has farmland, forest and good sized hills. On most Saturday and Sunday mornings you will see large groups of cyclists taking advantage of the many route options this area has to offer. Look back frequently to this page as there will definitely be additional routes in the future. One will be a climbers day dream with the route going up the mountain no fewer than 6 times. Last time I did it, I tanked out and only went up 5. When you see the route posted you'll know that I eventually won.

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