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Town/CityDistanceElevationCategorized Climbs
ViewTerra Cotta49 km469 mN/A
ViewTerra Cotta64 km584 m1 - Cat. 4
ViewTerra Cotta91 km715 mN/A
ViewTerra Cotta94 km807 m2 - Cat. 4
ViewTerra Cotta150 km1688 m2 - Cat.4, 1 - Cat. 5
ViewHockley98 km1062 m1 - Cat.5
ViewHockley121 km1103 m2 - Cat.5


Map of Terra Cotta


StartLengthStart | End ElevationAvg. GradeMountain Name
Category 4 icon 59.5 km 8.7 km 289 m | 447 m 158 m 1.8% St. Andrews Rd.
Category 4 icon 51.3 km 8.6 km 266 m | 433 m 167 m 2.0% Old Base Line


General Route Information:

  • Start Location: Terra Cotta (King St. and Heritage Rd.)
  • Distance: 94 km
  • Elevation Gain: 807 m
  • Washrooms: summer - porta potty, the Terra Cotta Inn
  • Supplies: Corner of Hwy. 7 and Winston Churchill
  • Food on Route: Inglewood, Ballinafad, Glen Williams

Emergency Services:


This moderately challenging route starts out on the scenic King. Rd. As Terra Cotta sits in a deep valley surrounded by Caledon mountain a climb out is required. The twists and turns of King Rd. will give way to a climb that tops out at 9%. Once across Mississauga Rd. you'll have one more little climb which is preceded by a fast downhill section so a coast up the other side is all you'll need. Once out onto the open roads flat farmland is the terrain you'll find. A good flat easy warm-up for the next 23 km can be expected.

The 23 km mark brings you close to one of the longest climbs Southern Ontario has to offer. Recently Map My Ride (MMR) has been rating this climb as a category 3. In earlier years it was only a category 4. More on that later? The uphill approach starts about 2 km after your left hand turn onto St. Andrews Rd. The highlight of the climb is a very picturesque low stone wall that seems more likely to be found somewhere on the Scottish moors than it does on the roads of Southern Ontario. In my opinion, the climb tops out at the intersection with Escarpment Side Rd. making this climb about 5 km long. Technically this is the top because a small descent follows but, after the small descent you are climbing again all the way to Charleston Side Rd. and then you'll keep climbing on Charleston Side Rd. all the way to Horseshoe Hill Rd. This makes for a combined total of about 10 km of climbing with two small dips in between. Perhaps this is why MMR is calling this a category 3. It's slope are not too steep as the steepest section tops out at 8%. Regardless of how you look at it, this is a long climb.

A left hand turn brings you onto Heart Lake Rd. where not too far up the road you will free wheel down the same slopes you have just climbed. Don't be too happy just yet because soon you will have to climb it all over again. The combined descent of Heart Lake Rd. and The Grange will give you a chance to rest for another good series of climbs to come. Your left hand turn onto McLaughlin will bring you through the small village of Inglewood. A good steep climb to get up and then down into the town will be required. A right hand turn onto Olde Base Line Rd. will having you climbing almost immediately. This is your second category 4 of the day. The climb starts at the corner of McLaughlin and Olde Base Line Rd. and will continue for 4 km until your right hand turn onto Mississauga Rd. You are not done yet. The climbing will continue on Mississauga Rd. for the next 3 km until you turn left onto the Grange Side Rd. A total of 7 km. The highest gradient you will experience will be 11% and that will be at the beginning of the climb near the bottom of Olde Base Line Rd.

The big climbing of the day is primarily done once you turn left onto the Grange Side Rd. at the 58.5 km mark. That's not to say you won't see any hills, because you will, but they will be short, some of them sharp, pitches that will be over even before they begin. You will go through the quaint villages of Limehouse and Glen Williams on your return journey home. You'll get a sense that a climb out will be required after your quick descent into Glen Williams. Follow the cue sheet closely here as it's easy to make a wrong turn. Once through the village the winding road will place you at the bottom of a good leg stinger, especially this late into the route. The max gradient here will reach 11%. After getting to the top of the climb it won't be long until you are speeding down Winston Churchill Blvd. reaching speeds of over 65 kmph. A good finish to a good ride.

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