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Stage # Location Distance Elevation Gain Climbing
View Stage 1 Campbellville 44 km 305 m N/A
View Stage 2 Terra Cotta 49 km 469 m N/A
View Stage 3 Brooklin 58 km 692 m N/A
View Stage 4 Halton Hills 65 km 412 m 1 - Cat. 5
View Stage 5 Milton 72 km 797 m 1 - Cat. 4 | 1 - Cat. 5
View Stage 6 Georgetown 83 km 673 m N/A
View Stage 7 Durham 89 km 890 m N/A
View Stage 8 Terra Cotta 94 km 807 m 2 - Cat.4
View Stage 9 Millgrove 104 km 768 m 2 - Cat.5


Stage # Location Distance Elevation Gain Climbing
View Stage 10 Carlisle 115 km 1094 m 1 - Cat.4 | 2 - Cat.5
View Stage 11 Hockley 121 km 1103 m 2 - Cat.5
View Stage 12 Millgrove 131 km 1024 m 2 - Cat.5
View Stage 13 Stoney Creek 140 km 847 m 2 - Cat.5 | 1 - Cat.4
View Stage 14 Terra Cotta 150 km 1688 m 2 - Cat.4 | 1 - Cat.5
View Stage 15 Durham 161 km 1843 m 2 - Cat.5


One of the most frequent remarks I hear from new cyclists is they have no idea where to go for long distance training. This page will solve that problem. I have divided the training schedule into both metric and imperial centuries which are the most common goals for a cyclist to aim for. The training schedule is based on one long ride per week, which is the one I will post, which can then be complimented by one or two shorter rides during the week.

The training starts off very easy with a fairly flat 44 km ride with a small amount of elevation gain. Both the distance and elevation gain will increase weekly until you finally reach the end of your training goal. Whether your goal is an imperial or metric century this training regime will get you there safely and effectively. This is the training program my team follows in the spring while prepping for the Ride to Conquer Cancer. I've been doing this for a while now and I've never seen a cyclist not reach their intended target with this 10 to 15 week program.

Each one of the rides starts in a different location around Southern Ontario, also known as The Golden Horseshoe. The furthest route east is in Durham and the furthest route south west is in Stoney Creek. All other routes fall in between. Each area offers up a little something different on each ride. The one thing you will come to notice is Southern Ontario has a wide and varied road network with many of the country roads quiet and perfect for cycling.


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