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Town/CityDistanceElevationCategorized Climbs
ViewUxbridge71 km605 mN/A
ViewUxbridge85 km907 mN/A
ViewUxbridge94 km878 mN/A
ViewUxbridge117 km1234 m2 - Cat. 5
ViewMount Albert72 km431 mN/A
ViewKing City102 km1048 mN/A
ViewKing City222 km2035 m2 Cat-3, 1 Cat-4, 3 Cat-5


Map of Uxbridge


StartLengthStart | End ElevationAvg. GradeMountain Name


General Route Information:

  • Start Location: Town of Ballantrae
  • Start Location: Ballantrae Community Centre
  • Distance: 85 km
  • Elevation Gain: 907 m
  • Washrooms: Occasionally, when the Centre is open
  • Food on Route: Raglan, Claremont

Emergency Services:


The unique thing about this route is the amount of elevation gain and the lack of categorized climbs. Normally in Southern Ontario when you get close to 1000 m of climbing it usually means climbing at least one or two cat. 5 climbs. Not on this route. All the climbing is done on rollers which makes this an extremely enjoyable route to cycle. The trip across Wagg Rd. is your first test of what's to come. It's up and down on the rollers which seem to get bigger the further east you go. The road quality is not very good here so be careful navigating the rough surfaces, but what it lacks in road quality is made up for in great country riding.

As the route progresses you will come to Lake Ridge Rd. which is busier than you want it to be. The first of these occasions is after you turn left off Reid Rd. on your way to Medd Rd. This section of Lake Ridge Rd. is 1.6 km in length. Please be careful here. Soon you will turn onto the safety of Medd Rd. and country cycling lies before you. Soon you will find your way onto Marsh Hill Rd. where the rollers continue on a mostly downhill trajectory. You'll cross over Regional Rd. 21 where a quick right then a quick left should not be missed. Just down the road you'll find yourself on the slightly curving Ashburn Rd. This road is quiet, picturesque and great for cycling.

Some of the biggest rollers are after you turn left onto Townline Rd./Coates Rd. Feel free to have some fun here because it doesn't get any better than this. The right hand turn onto Simcoe St. will greet you with busier roads, but will pass quickly as it is all downhill for 2 km's until you turn right onto Raglan Rd. The first opportunity to get food and drink is at the intersection of Simcoe St. and Raglan Rd. You'll get back onto the quiet country quickly with a left hand turn onto Duffs Rd. and then a pretty quick right turn onto Brawley Rd.. There's a couple of good kicks on these roads, but nothing too severe. Once again a right hand turn will bring you onto Lake Ridge Rd. This is the same road that was busy near the beginning of the route. Please use caution on this 2.2 km section.

Soon you'll turn left onto Concession Rd. 9, which is a little busier than you would want it to be. There is a small shoulder that will provide some safety. After 7.6 km on Concession Rd. 9 you start to veer north through the town if Claremont. You can stock up on food water at the corner of Durham Rd. 5 (aka Central St. - which is the same road as Concession Rd. 9) and Old Brock Rd. Remember you still have 20 km's left to go. After your right turn north on Old Brock Rd. you will find yourself on the homeward push north on Concession Rd. 4. This is pretty much all uphill, good quality country riding all the way back to Wagg Rd. The left turn onto Wagg Rd. puts you back on familiar roads with only 9 km's to go.

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