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Zone 1 Map The best place to ride in this zone is north of Hwy 407. The city of Toronto is also in this zone and can hold some good rides on the Waterfront Trail and the valley system. Perhaps in the future I may include some Toronto routes, but for now, all of the routes in this zone will be concentrated on country riding located north of the aforementioned highway.

The best area for hill climbing is on Concession Rd. 3 and 4 south of Davis Dr. There is also a category 5 climb on Ashworth; please refer to the route "Uxbridge 71 km" for more route info. The terrain in this area is rolling and is dotted with equestrian facilities and farmland. The roads are in good condition and are basically of the paved variety with a few "chip and tar" sections in between. The traffic tends to be fairly light on the back roads, but can be heavy on the main roads. I have attempted to stay away from the main roads as much as I can, but sometimes you will need to use these roads as links to quieter sections.

I did not include any quick links for the Toronto area except for a link to The City of Toronto tourism website and a link for Toronto General Hospital. To include all the possibilities in this area goes beyond the scope of this site. All of the cycling is done north of Hwy. 407, so those are the links I have included within the routes below.


Town/CityDistance (km)Elevation Gain (m)Categorized Climbs
ViewUxbridge71 km605 mN/A
ViewUxbridge85 km907 mN/A
ViewUxbridge94 km878 mN/A
ViewMount Albert72 km431 mN/A
ViewKing City102 km1048 mN/A


Map of Uxbridge


StartLengthStart | End Elevation Total Elevation GainAvg. GradeMountain Name


General Route Information:

  • Date: May 21
  • Start Time: 9:00 am
  • Start Location: Ballantrae Community Centre
  • Distance: 94 km
  • Elevation Gain: 739 m
  • Washrooms: Occasionally, when the Centre is open
  • Food on Route: Corner of Baldwin & Hwy. 48,
  •     Zephyr, Sandford

Emergency Services:


This route cuts across two distinct topographical regions of Southern Ontario. You'll start your day on the rolling hills just out of Ballantrae then, once you cross over Ravenshoe Rd., the route becomes almost pancake flat as you near the shores of Lake Simcoe. Of course, as you cycle south, away from the lake, you'll cross back over Ravenshoe Rd. and bigger hills, this time, will test you on the final push back to the cars. So let's go through each section. The start out of the Ballantrae Community Centre is on a fairly busy road as is Hwy. 48 where you'll make a right hand turn. Both roads combine for a total of 4 km of uninteresting roads that will have more traffic that you would want. It's one of those necessary evils of route design. On a fast downhill section you will quickly come upon Cherry St. where you'll turn left. It is here where you will find perfect cycling terrain on very quiet roads. Be sure not to miss this street as the downhill on Hwy. 48 is fast and the turn is easy to miss. From here on through you'll be cycling on perfectly quiet country roads.

When you get to McGowan Rd. you'll turn right where you'll be treated to a section of road that never ceases to reaffirm my joy of cycling. This road rambles north for about 4 m's and is basically a downhill roller. Although there are hills you will lose more elevation than you will gain. It's the perfect road for cycling. You'll get much the same as you turn left onto Herald Rd. for the short trip to Kennedy where you'll turn right and negotiate a pretty steep, but short climb. From here the cycling is on gently rolling terrain with the odd side street offering up just a bit of a test to keep things interesting. This comfortable country riding will continue for the next 16 km's. Your reward for all your efforts will come when you turn right onto Catering Rd. The road network thus far has been a grid type system. Catering Rd. breaks all the rules and carves a sharp angle across the countryside. The road is flat and passes fragrant fields with commercial crops and livestock. This absolutely beautiful section is about 9 km's in length.

As you reach McGowan Rd. you'll turn left and head north. A few short turns later will put you firmly on Country Mile Lane, another favourite of mine. You are now at the farthest point north on the route. You'll come to an intersection where a sign will tell you Country Mile Lane ends. Once at the intersection be sure to turn right back onto Catering Rd. This intersection is a little strange so please be on the look out. Now we are heading south on our journey back to the cars. Once you hit Hwy. 48 turn left and about a 100 m up the road will be your first water stop at the 52.5 km mark. Look for a gas station. Just across from the gas station is Smith Blvd. Head east, which brings you to Park Rd where you'll turn right. This road can be a bit busy, but there is a bike lane for your protection. It's a short stretch, only 3 km, which ends when you turn left onto Old Shiloh Rd. Soon you'll cross back over Ravenshoe Rd. where hill country awaits.

Your turn on Ravenshoe is short lived as you'll soon turn left onto Regional Rd. 39. Once you get south of Zephyr, another place to get water, be sure NOT to go around the big bend. Continue straight onto Concession Rd. 3. I can't tell you how many people miss this slightly weird route anomaly. As soon as you make the left turn onto Ashworth Rd. you'll see the biggest hill of the day staring down at you. This is where you are heading. It's a not a categorized climb, but it is worthy of a mention. The entire climb is just over 1 km in length. After the climb easy riding will follow. Now you are heading straight south on Concession Rd. 4. The big test of the day comes at Concession Rd. 3, south of Regional Rd. 8. This road is one of my all time favourites in Southern Ontario. The roads just seems to sink into the landscape. It's mostly covered overhead with trees so it always seems to be dark and ominous. You'll climb a series of steps that will eventually lead up and out of the dark and back onto the approach roads home. This section of Concession Rd. 3 is clearly the biggest test of the day. Once you get to Wagg Rd. you'll turn right and play on the few remaining rollers for the 7 km punch back to the parking lot.

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